Tallimaa River

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Tallimaa River
(Cheslovian)Таллимаа Брўк
Tallimaa highlighted.png
Location of the Tallimaa River
Countries Cheslovia, the United Kingdom (known as the River Cherwell and the River Ray)
Major cities Vyacheslav, Tallinsk and Oxford
Length 12.2881 km
Major tributaries Volgov River, Torzhok River

The Tallimaa River (also spelled Talimaa) is the longest river in Cheslovia, it is approximately 12.2881 km long and streches from the south western Krais of Smorgon and Kirov to the north eastern Krais of Mostaria and Vladislavia. The Tallimaa has several branching rivers, including the Volgov River and the Torzhok River, the Volgov River runs towards the west and the Torzhok River stops when it enters Vladislavia.

There are two islands in the Tallimaa, Tallinsk (not to be confused with the city of the same name in Kosovaria) and Dimitriyev, they are both found between the western Krais of Smorgon and Soligorsk and the central Krais of Kozov and Kirov.