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Nation Year Joined MOF Code
Posaf 2018 PSF
FLAGMNG.png Millania 2018 MGN
Befshireflag2.svg Befshire 2018 BEF
Phyrriaflag.png Phyrria 2018 PHY
Quietrockflag.png Quietrock 2018 QUI
Iustus flag.png Iustus 2018 IUS
Flag of Neo Ongwanada.png Neo Ongwanada 2018 NOG
Flag of the Gymnasium State.svg Gymnasium State 2018 SGY
Flag ladonia.png Ladonia 2018 RRL
New Austrovia Flag.png Austrovia 2018 AUS
Flag of Konraq.png Konraq 2018 KON
FlagOfAbrelandOfficial.jpeg Arbreland 2018 OKA
Wennew1.png Wenonah 2018 WEN
Dukenewflag.png Duke 2018 DKE
Damazia Flag.png Damazia 2019 DMI
Pflag6.png Phokland 2019 PHK
GOjp91F.png Gulf 2019 GLF
Flag of New Eiffel.svg New Eiffel 2019 NEI
AendereseFlag.png Aenderese Republic 2019 AEN
FlagUNO.png Nova-Occitania 2019 OCC
PlushuniaFlag2.png Plushunia 2019 PLU
Wegmat battle flag.jpeg Wegmat 2019
Flag of Matthewopia.png Matthewopia 2019
Flag of Klitzibürg.png Klitzibürg 2019
PRPH flag.svg Ponderosa Hills 2019