Supreme Judge of the Sorrenian Federation

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Supreme Judge of the Sorrenian Federation
Martti Järvenpää

since 25/08/15
AppointerPopular Vote
Term length6 Months

The position of Supreme Judge was created during the formation of Sorrenia, in order to head the Supreme Court. Since then, the Supreme Judge has only been involved in matters when absolutely necessary, and rarely has to intervene. Therefore, as the Supreme Judge's responsibilities only arise when conflict arises, they are allowed to hold other positions in Sorrenia.

The original Supreme Judge was Llewelyn Lawton for the Centrist Anglican Party. Since then, various people have held the position.

To date, only two cases has officially been brought to the Supreme Judge - the most prominent of which was the case of Nathan Lucas, in which - under Donald West's second term - a citizen proposed to the Party for Freedom and Democracy that proposals of legislature be specifically altered against socialism, to harm the ruling Sorrenian Workers Party. The leadership of the PFD rejected Lucas' suggestion, and alerted the Supreme Court, which resulted in Lucas being reprimanded, who was barred from running in the 2015 February Election.

Supreme Judge Took office Left office Party Party Flag
1 Llewelyn Lawton 09/10/13 01/12/13
Centrist Anglican Party
2 Donald West 07/12/13 26/04/14
Communist Party
3 Andrew Janiszewski 26/04/14 07/11/14
New Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia
4 Donald West 07/11/14 15/02/15
New Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia
5 Llewelyn Lawton 15/02/15 24/08/15
Sorrenian Commonwealth Party
6 Martti Järvenpää 24/08/15 Incumbent
Sorrenian Workers Party