Supreme Commander of the Roscam Liberation Front

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Supreme Commander of the Roscam Liberation Front
To free the people of East side

since 25 February 2022
StyleMr. Commander (informal), Respected Comrade (Formal), His Excellency (Diplomatic)
StatusSupreme Commander
AppointerHigh Command of the Liberation Front
Term lengthAs long as high command needs
Inaugural holderAndrew Brotherton

The Supreme Commander of the Liberation Front, was the paramount officer of the Roscam Liberation Front, and the head of the front.


The position was made in January 2021 when the Liberation Front was made. When the liberation front was founded, it expected to fight for a very long time. On 18 February 2021, after a month or so of fighting, the Republic of Roscamistan was declared. Now that a free Roscami state was created, the Liberation Front fell into disuse as the President of the new republic, Andrew Brotherton began to consolidate his government’s control on the area.

May Coup and events till 23 June 2021

Main article 17thMayCoup

On 18 May 2021, the Roscam Liberation Front was called to action as James Irwin, Kayden Conboy and others were attempting to overthrow Andrew Brotherton’s government. The RLF failed to prevent the rebels overthrow the government, and became a secret underground force in Greater Roscam, which was heavily Brothertonite in loyalty. It became the de facto peacekeeping force in Greater Roscam, as it was awaiting an invasion by the Mervustan situated national government [a].

The fear of invasion was finally put to rest when Andrew Brotherton became the 3rd President of Roscamistan on 23 June 2021 after the resignation of James Irwin. The Roscam Liberation Front became irrelevant in the national Roscami scene as progress was focused on national affairs and on the autonomous provinces.


In October 2021, as part of of his campaign of reforms, Adam Flannery, First Secretary of State at the time, revived the RLF as a proposed crack army unit designed to accommodate special troopers. This plan never came to fruition as due to the independent paramilitary status of the Roscam Liberation Front.

Row between the Greater Roscam and Central Governments

On 15 January 2021, a few weeks after the Roscam Liberation Front was declared a terrorist organisation by the Central Government, the Greater Roscam government issued Order 7, in which it says That due to the cultural and historical significance of the Roscam Liberation Front, we, the ministers of the Executive Council of Greater Roscam under the direction of the Deputy Prime Minister of Greater Roscam protect the Roscam Liberation Front indefinitely from prosecution . The central government, in it’s efforts to have complete control over military units, was now in deadlock with the Greater Roscami Government. Andrew Brotherton then forbade any attempt to veto Order 7 by the central government, sparking controversy over favouritism for Greater Roscam.


  1. Greater Roscam was not autonomous at the time, but the RLF had a contingency plan to declare Greater Roscam’s autonomy within the republic if an invasion was to happen