Moshui and Kichi Armed Forces

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Moshui and Kichi Armed Forces
聯合邦國軍 (Chinese)
Emblem of the Ministry of National Defense
Flag of the Ministry of National Defense
Founded26 February 2022; 21 months ago (2022-02-26) (as Grand Duchy National Army)
Current form23 August 2023; 3 months ago (2023-08-23) (as current service)
Service branches
  • Land Forces
  • Cyber Forces
HeadquartersMinistry of National Defense
Active personnel?
Reserve personnel?
BudgetRMB 10 or more
Domestic suppliershandcrafted
Foreign suppliers China
 Hong Kong

The National Army is Moshui and Kichi's army and is the main force protecting the Kichi free area. The supreme commander of the Kichi Armed Forces is the president. The army is divided into the army and the cyber army.
Since Kichi is heavily influenced by cyber in the military, the Kichi army has a slightly stronger cyber combat capability. Kichi has the trinity strike capability of keyboard output, network paralysis, and online public opinion, and has bombing tools that can be equipped with text messages; but compared with other countries, Kichi's offline army operations are still insufficient.


The following are wars and conflicts directly related to the Kichi National Army.


Land Forces

Kichi Land Forces
Flag of Kichi Land Forces
Active2022 - present
CountryRepublic of Kichi
AllegianceRepublic of Kichi
BranchLand Forces
Part ofKichi Armed Forces
HeadquartersLotus Capital Territory
March"March of The Indomitable"
EngagementsBiyou Land incident
President Suny R.