President of Florania

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President of the Free Republic of Florania
State Emblem
Addison Dillon

since 28 September 2020
StyleHer Excellency
ResidenceEllesmere, Florania
AppointerThe People
as through election
Term length4 months, unlimited terms (two consecutive)
Inaugural holderAddison Dillon
DeputyVice President of Florania

The President of Florania is the head of the executive branch of the Floranian Government. The current President is Addison Dillon.

List of Presidents

# President Vice President In Office
1   Aydan Dillon presidential photograph (cropped).png Addison Dillon
First Party
Jamie da Cunha
Workers' Party
JamieDaCuhaPortait.png   9 June 2020 - 13 September 2020
2   IsaiahBurdetteCropped2.png Isaiah Burdette
Constitution Party
Tom Mark
Rick Party
No image.svg   13 September 2020 - 28 September 2020
3   Aydan Dillon presidential photograph (cropped).png Addison Dillon
Farmer-Labour Party
Benjamin Pickles
Farmer-Labour Party
Benjamin Pickles (cropped).png   28 September 2020 - present