September 2020 Floranian presidential election

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September 2020 Floranian presidential election

13 September 2020
  File:Jhmarino portrait.png
Nominee John Doe Sean Dunkerque Addison Dillon
Party Constitution Workers' First
Alliance Anti-Radical United Progressives Anti-Radical
Home state Caeserea New Paris Ellesmere
Running mate Jonathan Archer Simon Reeve Ann Mark
Popular vote 9 4 4
Percentage 52.9% 23.5% 23.5%

President before election

Addison Dillon
First Party

Elected President

John doe
Constitution Party

The September 2020 Floranian presidential election took place on 13 September 2020. Caeserea Senator John Doe defeated President Addison Dillon and former Vice President Sean Dunkerque. This election was controversial because in the first vote held, President Dillon won despite coming in last place in the popular vote, due to Florania's "electoral point" system. A second vote was held without this system, which was won by Senator Doe. This election was also held concurrently with elections to the Senate.


Party/coalition Presidential candidate Political office(s) Vice-Presidential candidate
John Doe (CP) Senator from Caeserea
(2020 - 2020)
Jonathan Archer (CP)
Addison Dillon (FP) President of Florania
(2020 - 2020)
Ann Mark (RP)
United Progressives
File:Jhmarino portrait.png
Sean Dunkerque (WP) Vice President of Florania
(2020 - 2020)
Simon Reeve (PP)