Parliament of the Liberoli Republic

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PresidentWoroar Niloar, Liberal Socialist Party
Vice President
Further 23 MP's
political groups     Liberal Socialist (1)
     Unending Freedom (1)
     Atheistic Secular Society (1)

Parliament is the highest legislative body of the Liberoli Republic which operates democratically.


25 Members of Parliament are voted in each year by the general public. On occasions where there are less people running for MP than actual seats, any citizen who applies will be granted the role given a majority of citizens vote 'yes' to those who vote 'no'. MPs can call for a referendum to a law at any time which will require a majority of votes in order to be approved. The President will have the final say if there is a tie.

The Parliament Speaker is the neutral representative and overseer of Parliament. The Speaker handles elections and applications for registering parties and joining Parliament.

Current Seats

Ae Daily, David White, and Woroar Niloar each have a seat in Parliament leaving 22 vacant positions.