Liberoli Republic

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Liberoli Republic
Coat of arms
Motto: Libertas Pretiosior Auro
Europe, Africa & Antarctica
CapitalNiloar Meadow
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
• President
Woroar Niloar MP
EstablishmentMay 13, 2013
• Census
9 (0 Permanently live in Liberoli)
Time zoneGMT (UTC+0)

The Liberoli Republic, commonly known as Liberoli, is a sovereign state which was founded on 13 May 2013. It claims land in three continents and shares borders with the United Kingdom, Egypt, Sudan, New Zealand and Chile. It's capital, Niloar Meadow, is located in central Great Britain.

Liberoli's form of government is a democratic republic with a parliamentary system, currently based online. The country is split into five counties which have recently been granted self-governance power.

The Government is in the process of building an economy. It will likely be classed as a developed country due to most citizens having dual nationalities with wealthy western states.

The Liberoli Republic is currently not part of any union or confederacy after declining invites on two separate occasions.


The name, Liberoli, arises from Ayspanglish; an abandoned project language created by the nation's founder, Woroar Niloar. It is an adjective meaning 'free' or 'liberal'.

Liberoar means 'one who is free'.


On 13 May 2013, Woroar Niloar founded the country as a protest based on his belief that the UK is not a truly fair society. Reasons such as the fact that the head of state is not elected and the belief that the Government are not a true representation of society are what mainly spurred the formation. Initially, a small area of land in Britain, known as Niloar Meadow, was the only claimed territory. However, on 12 June 2013, the nation officially declared Susan, formerly Marie Byrd Land, and Waterwell, formerly Bir Tawil, as its own. This makes Liberoli the 19th largest country in the world to those who recognize it. Since then, more small uninhabited islands in Europe have been claimed.


The Liberoli Republic operates under a parliamentary system which is typically unusual for a republic. The system allows for 25 MP's to be voted in each year who vote on issues to decide the fate of the country. Currently, as the total population is less than the amount of seats, any citizen who applies will be granted the role.

Functioning Departments


Daily Isles

The Daily Isles are a set of 3 low-lying sandy islands in the Wadden Sea, near the coast of the Netherlands. The land is an official nature reserve although the definition of this has not yet been made clear by the Government.

Darwin Islands

The Darwin Islands are a group of islands located around Alderney, just off the coast of France. The land is mostly rocky with some grass covering. Wild animals such as rabbits and puffins roam freely.

Niloar Meadow

Niloar Meadow is situated in central Great Britain and mostly made up of grass and shrubbery. Wild animals such as rabbits occupy some of the land and are protected by law.


Susan is located in Antarctica, situated between the claims of New Zealand and Chile. It is by far the largest county, accounting for over 99% of Liberoli's claim.


The county of Waterwell is located in north east Africa and borders Egypt and Sudan. The land is mostly desert and contains very little vegetation.


The climate of Liberoli has a wide range of temperatures and weather systems due to the different locations of land. The temperature can reach 316K in Waterwell and plummet to as low as 180K around the same time of year in Susan.


Liberoli is a unitary state under a parliamentary government. Parliament has a maximum of 25 seats available for any citizen who is over 16 and a member of a registered political party. The country has no constitution, instead opting for a system where any legislation can be changed, as long as a majority of Parliament is in favour.


The country favours party politics and disallows any party running in an election to not publicly post their manifesto. Currently, all registered parties share similar views on liberalism although to varying degrees.

Foreign Relations

The Liberoli Republic recognise all members of the United Nations as sovereign states as well as;

Liberoli has recently begun working on creating bonds and alliances with other nations. The following table shows which nations have accepted.

Formal Alliances Informal Relations
Leylandiistan Republic of Molossia

Law and Legal System

When restrictive laws are passed by Parliament, they usually correspond with a category under the 'ABC System'. Category A crimes are considered the most serious. These are reported to the nearest police of other sovereign states as Liberoli concedes it's power is too small to deal with them. Category B crimes incur fines which can be up to 50% of the offender's wealth. Category C crimes incur an initial warning with re-offenders being treated as Category B.

The Department of Justice, led by Vice President, Ae Daily, is responsible for giving a fair trial to suspects and giving appropriate punishment to those found guilty.

National Holidays

Date Name Remarks
1 January New Year's Day Holiday to recover from hangovers.
29 February Leap Day Leap Day is celebrated in years when it doesn't actually happen as well as when it does.
13 May Liberoli Day The anniversary of the formation of the Liberoli Republic.
12 June Susan Day Celebrate by travelling to Susan or by simply by eating ice cream.
17 June Day Day Celebrate by coming up with your own purpose of the day.
2 July President Day A day to allow citizens to celebrate or protest against the newly elected President.
9 August Y'ghalathaq Celebration of living in an age of facts.
25 December Santa Day A day to celebrate family and friends by giving gifts to loved ones.
26 December Boxing Day An extension of the Santa holiday.


The Department of Immigration collects some data from new citizens upon sign up, which is then passed on to the Speaker. The population of Liberoli was recently reported to be 67% male, between 87 & 100% white and 67% between the ages of 16-25.


The culture of Liberoli is mainly influenced by that most communications occur via the internet. For example, Vice President, Ae Daily, who is a web comic designer, uses a cartoon representation of themselves in Parliament discussions.


The flag of Liberoli was designed by Woroar Niloar. It was created on the same day the country was founded and is used to represent what Niloar intended the country to stand for. The red symbolises Niloar's vision of a socialist society, the circle represents humanity existing under a non-hierarchical system and the equality sign symbolises that all people should be equal.

Liberoli's coat of arms was also designed by Niloar. The shield contains the same circle and equality sign as the flag. It is the centrepiece as it's symbols were believed to be the most important. The gold trim around the edge highlight this. The supports are two normal looking people, with differing demographics to highlight the fact that Liberoli welcomes all peoples. The national animal, the rabbit, sits upon an ancient Greek symbol of democracy.

The official motto, Libertas Pretiosior Auro, is used to highlight the country's high value of freedom. It roughly translates to 'liberty; more precious than gold'.