Liberal Socialist Party (Liberoli Republic)

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Liberal Socialist Party
LeaderWoroar Niloar
Founded13 May 2013
HeadquartersWombwell, UK
IdeologyLiberal socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
Seats in Parliament
1 / 3

The Liberal Socialist Party is the oldest political party of the Liberoli Republic. It was founded and still led by Liberoli President, Woroar Niloar.


The party was formed under the name of the Socialist Party. This was soon changed as Niloar explained that it didn't represent their policies as well as the current name does. One of these being their proposal of a mixed market economy.

2013 Election Manifesto

The following is the official manifesto taken directly from the party's website;


We aim to introduce restrictions on pollution to stop the poisoning of the planet.


We believe that enterprise should be encouraged but strongly oppose monopolisation. We aim to allow all citizens to be paid a good living wage in order to have a good quality of life. We aim to set up a strong public sector with a health service, education system, transport system, and postal service. Public sector services will be run for the benefit of the public rather than private profit.


We aim to make school meals free to all school pupils. We aim to introduce a system that teaches children aged 5–16 English, Mathematics, Science, History & Geography. We also want to give children lessons that prepare them for modern life. This would include learning things such as doing DIY and how to get a mortgage. We aim to make Physical Education compulsory in all schools.


We will use renewable energy such as wind and solar power in order to maintain the health of planet Earth and keep costs as low as possible.


We aim to ensure that the Liberoli Republic keeps up its policy on equality.


We aim to ensure every citizen has access to a healthy balanced diet.


We believe that a democratic republic is the only way that a fair government can be run.


We will aim to introduce free health care for all citizens. Healthy living will be heavily promoted but not enforced on citizens.


We aim to create comfortable housing for all which can be bought or rented from the state. We aim to introduce shelters for the homeless which will provide all of their needs.


We have an ultimate goal of allowing all peoples to live in peace without the need for war.


We aim to introduce an affordable public sector rail system which uses renewable energy once our country is big enough. We want this to be the primary way of getting around for long distances. We aim to set up a road network which is safe for pedestrians and cyclists.


We aim to introduce a citizens' dividend for all making poverty near impossible.


Members of the party will be allowed to cast one vote for any other member to be elected leader between the 1st and 7 January every year unless the current leader is President. In the result of a tie, the current leader will select the winner out of the tied candidates.

Members are told that they must abide by the party's policies whilst campaigning and in Parliament. Failure to do so may result in expulsion.

Any member may request to alter, remove or add a policy by e-mailing all members with their proposed plans. The leader will define the options for voting and the one with the most votes after exactly 7 days will be implemented.