President of the Liberoli Republic

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President of the Liberoli Republic
Woroar Niloar MP

Formation May, 2013

Term length One year unlimited renewable

Appointed by Election (Leader of party with most seats in Parliament).

Inaugural holder Woroar Niloar MP

The President of the Liberoli Republic is the head of state and head of government of Liberoli. The President has little more power than regular Members of Parliament.

Election Process

All citizens aged 16 and above will be allowed to cast one vote for a candidate to gain the right to a seat in Parliament. There are a maximum of 25 seats available, therefore, the 25 with the most votes will be elected. The leader of the party with the most votes overall will be elected President. In the result of a tie situation, the current President will have the power to select their choice out of the tied candidates. Voting takes place on the 1st of July each year with the new President being revealed, by the Regulator, on the 8th.


In situations where there is a tie, in Parliament or elections, it is the President's duty to decide the fate.

In times of emergency, the President may take action without the need for a vote in Parliament.

The President is responsible for choosing a Vice President out of the other Members of Parliament.