Niloar Meadow

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Niloar Meadow
Flag of Niloar Meadow
Official seal of Niloar Meadow
View of Niloar Meadow from the UK
View of Niloar Meadow from the UK
Country Liberoli Republic
EstablishedMay 13th, 2013
 • MayorWoroar Niloar
 • Total0
Time zone[[w:UTCGMT (UTC+0)
BST (UTC+1)]]

Niloar Meadow is the capital county of the Liberoli Republic. It is one of five counties in Liberoli, having an area of 0.002 square kilometers.


Before the formation of the Liberoli Republic, Niloar Meadow was merely a piece of green land maintained by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. The shape of the land is a result of the formation of the Dearne Valley Parkway in the 1990's, a dual carraigeway connecting towns in the South Yorkshire region. The road was built above Hemingfield Road which gives the land its steep incline in order to connect the two highways.

On the 13th of May, 2013, Woroar Niloar declared the formation of the Liberoli Republic. The land that was declared on this day is the county of Niloar Meadow. On the 12th of August, 2013, the Government appointed Woroar Niloar as the Mayor of Niloar Meadow County Council.


The climate is temperate with a mean average temperature of around 282K. The coldest month is usually January with average temperatures of around 274K although on rare occasions it can plummet to below 265K. Snow is common during these months which raises the number of tourists from the UK due to the good sledging conditions for children.

July & August are usually the warmest months with temperatures usually sitting around the 292K mark. Although rare, it can get as warm as 306K during heat waves.