2013 Election (Liberoli Republic)

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2013 Election
July 1–7, 2013 2014 →

25 Available, 2 Filled
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Woroar Niloar Ae Daily David Mycroft White
Party Liberal Socialist Party (Liberoli Republic) Party for Unending Freedom Atheistic Secular Society Party
Leader since 13 May 2013 24 May 2013 14 May 2013
Seats before 1 1 1
Seats won 1 1 0
Seat change 0 0 -1
Popular vote 2 2 0

President before election

Woroar Niloar
Liberal Socialist Party (Liberoli Republic)

Elected President

Woroar Niloar
Liberal Socialist Party (Liberoli Republic)

The 2013 Election was the first formal election of the Liberoli Republic. Voting started on the 1st of July and finished at 23:59 on the 7th. The law stated that the leader of the party with the most votes by the end of the 7th of July 2013, assuming they are an MP, will be declared the new President on the 8th of the month.

Presidential candidates


All parties took to Twitter to try to influence citizens to vote for them. At times, debates became quite heated with certain candidates labeling others as Nazis.


  • Woroar Niloar (LibSoc) - 2 (+1 Deciding Vote)
  • Ae Daily (PUF) - 2
  • David Mycroft White (ASS) - 0

As the result was tied, the current President, Woroar Niloar, had the responsibility of choosing the winner and chose himself.

David White lost his seat as he didn't gain any votes, however, he immediately reapplied and a majority of Liberoar citizens voted to allow him to be reinstated into Parliament.


4 out of the 5 eligible Liberoar citizens voted giving an 80% turnout in the polls.

Effect on future elections

Members of Parliament decided that a week was too long for the election to take place, especially as the country has only 5 citizens. The law was since changed to having the election on just the first of July with results revealed the following day.