Orders, decorations, and medals of Jailavera

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The orders, decorations, and medals of Jailavera comprise of many honors for the citizens of the Republic of Jailaveria and qualified foreigners are for actions that benefit the community or the country. Based off of a mixture of Soviet, French and Italian orders and honours, the orders, decorations, and medals of Misberia was founded at the birth of the nation on the 10th of March 2021. The current system consists of three types of award – honors, decorations and medals:

  • Honors are used to recognize achievement and service;
  • Medals are used to recognize commitment and support in the community and nation.

There is currently no orders, due to communist heritage in Jaïlavera, but theses honours are in project.


Insigna, Ribbon, or Medal Honour To/For
Hero of Jailavera (in french Héros du Jaïlavera) Extraordinary service to the state
Honour citizen of Jailavera (in french Citoyen d'honneur du Jaïlavera) At the discretion of the President of Republic of Jailavera


Ribbon Medal Honour To/For
File:Unknown ribbon bar.svg File:Medal of Friendship of Peoples (Jailavera).jpg Medal of Friendship of Peoples (Jailavera) (in french Médaille de l'Amitié des Peuples) Strengthening friendship and cooperation between peoples



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