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This page describes citizens of the Technocratic Republic of Aethodia (and Theodia) who have made significant contributions to the society, especially as a member of government.



Swena in 2018

Swena (Aethodian: swɛ́-nə) is the founder and once-king of the Kingdom of Theodia. He co-founded the Runic Union, led the kingdom's constitutional conventions, and spearheaded the country's transition into a republic. Swena is also typically Aethodia's sole representative abroad and in the media.

For over a decade, he has been heavily involved in the creation of Aethodian society, creating things such as Aethodia's language, alphabet, and conventions all entirely from scratch, and in most cases single-handedly. Swena's work in political science has additionally created what is possibly the first full implementation of true technocracy in the World, and has since 2011 been one of the first people to apply Open Source development principles to legislation: first with the development of the GOV programming language, then with the concept of Repositocracy, and finally with the development of actual legislation on GitHub.

Swena has degrees in Linguistics and Cognitive Science, and works as a software developer.

Before the naming reform of 2013, he was known as "Kyng Sweyn78"; and at the time of his first foray into micronationalism, he was known as "His Grace, King Svenn Bradsson Schroeder I". Since said naming reform, he has been known as "Quing Swena" and, later, "Founder Swena".



Haviair (Aethodian: há-fjer) is the current head of the Aethodian military. He joined Aethodia early-on and has held this office since 2010. He also marginally participated in the constitutional convention of 2011. Haviair studied at West Point for the US Army, and recently honorably discharged from the US Army.

He took his micronational name from the name "Javier", a name which he'd always liked.


Maviu (Aethodian: má-fju) joined Aethodia in 2010, and was Swena's first royal advisor. Maviu advised the quing on some minor diplomatic matters in 2010, and contributed slightly to the constitutional convention of 2011. Maviu also played a minor role in general Aethodian development in early 2012.

His name is based on "Matthew".


Sakio (Aethodian: sá-kjo) is the leader of the [currently nonexistent] Aethodian airforce. He joined Aethodia in 2010, and marginally participated in the constitutional convention. His suggestions helped lead to the Aethodian flag's now-iconic hex-gear/"snowflake". His legal name in Aethodia is a Aethodianized version of his macronational surname, "Zaccheo".


Skerdsala in 2013

Skerdsala (Aethodian: skə́r-tsa-la) joined Aethodia in 2018, and became the nation's Minister of Foreign Affairs on 26 April 2020, the first such minister since Naroba in 2014. Skerdsala saw Aethodia ascend to the GUM, the first time Aethodia properly joined an equivalent organization since 2011. He was for a time also working on as well as an introduction to conlanging for micronationalists, as well as a new school of Philosophism. He stepped down from foreign affairs shortly after beginning his tenure.

Skerdsala has a bachelor's in Chinese, a master's in Linguistics, and a master's in Religion (focusing on the Near-East); he is currently seeking a PhD in East-Asian Studies, focusing on China.

Skerdsala's name is a blend of English "scourge" and Aethodian "ʼá-la" ("ʼá-la"), which means "god" or "God"; thus giving his name the meaning of "Scourge of God".



Axel in his obituary

Axel (Modern Aethodian: ʼáʼ-sɛl) was the first Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Theodia. Axel joined Theodia on 9 Oct 2011 via voluntary cession of his own micronation, Underwoodia. He made significant progress in programming the Theodian economy in Python, and he set up the FA Ministry from scratch. Axel also played an influential role in the pre-Repositocracy codex system, and made minor contributions to an earlier form of the GOV programming language. He also commissioned the first physical Theodian flag. Unfortunately, much of the work he contributed to Theodia was lost after his death on 2012-09-19.

Axel was not alive for the naming reform of 2013, which is why his name has not been universally Theodianized across Microwiki (The Anglicization of Axel's Theodian name is "Atsel", not "Axel".). Prior to joining Theodia, he went by the name "Erasmas Underwood", after which he changed his name to "Axel Nielson", in a nod to his Scandinavian roots.

Axel was a classical liberal and a Deist.


Naroba in 2013

Naroba (Modern Aethodian: ná-ro-pa) joined Theodia in 2010. He played a minor role in the selection of the current motto, and became the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Theodia on 2013's June 13. He abdicated this role on 2013-07-12, citing events going on in his life that would prevent him from being able to act as Theodia's Min-FR for the foreseeable future. He acted for a short time immediately thereafter as Theodia's Minister of Intelligence until the amorphous super-fallback mode was enabled. He acted as a general minister of Theodia until his death on 2014-02-16.

He chose to take the name of Naropa, a Buddhist Mahasiddha. While his personal philosophy had many influences from Buddhism, Min Naroba was actually a convert to Shaivist Hinduism. Politically, Naroba was influenced by anarchism, but he was not blind to pragmatism. During life, his legal name in Theodia was actually "Narba", not "Naroba". This was changed in mid-2019, when old citizen names were updated to use a newer version of Theodian.



Paradox pre-2013

Paradox became a citizen of the Kingdom of Theodia in 2011, and was Theodia's first non-American citizen. Paradox is credited with introducing polyamoury into Theodia, where it has since taken a firm hold. He was the first Minister of Culture of the Kingdom of Theodia, and held the office for a short time in July 2012, before becoming inactive. He also founded Theodia's first newspaper company, although it too went inactive. Paradox later left Theodia for the Saxon Empire, where he played a fairly influential role in Theodian-Saxon relations. After the Saxon Empire went inactive, Paradox returned to the Theodian government in July 2013 as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but was released from the executive a day later. Paradox's citizenship was terminated some time thereafter.

Before the naming reform of 2013, he was known as Paradox/Para/Pax; afterwards, his name was Theodianized. That name, in modern Aethodian, is "Pairdat" (pɛ́r-daʼ). As he left Theodia so soon after that reform, he is generally known by his pre-reform handle, "Paradox".

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