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This article is about Theodian holidays. It was current as of 2014 April.

Theodia has 6 main holidays each year, 3 major, 3 minor; there are 2 per Third. Major Holidays occur during the buffers between each Third; and minor holidays occur on the 15th Rezday of each Third (day 60). Tertiary holidays, such as independence day, are also present, though they typically have far fewer festivities; these holidays are less regularly distributed.

Major holidays

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Liteval is the traditional Theodian celebration of light, which occurs annually during the year-break (Jan 22 - [23]). It is a syncretism of several different foreign holidays, such as Christmas, Día de los Reyes, and others. Each family traditionally sets up and decorates a palm-tree, using such things as stringed lights, baubles, and strips of cloth. The palm is often of a miniature variety with feather fronds, such as the weddell palm; and is often artificial, due to the persistence of insects (in tropical regions), or scarcity (in regions too cold for palms). Although gift-giving is already a mainstay of Theodian society, during Liteval, people go even more out of their way to buy each other presents than usual. People will often start ordering gifts weeks before the year-break, and have them wrapped and shipped to friends and family, who place them under their palm in anticipation of Liteval. In contrast to Christmas, one of the traditions of Liteval is that gift giving is anonymous; so most presents bear only the name(s) of their recipients upon their wrapping. Coconut eggnog and citrus cakes are two traditionally eaten food items during Liteval, and most other foods eaten at this time are likewise fairly tropical; the traditional harvest time in tropical areas is often much later than in the mid-latitudes. Gifts are typically opened in the morning on the 22nd, with the 23rd (if present) being an extra day of relaxation.


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Carnival is a traditional holiday in Theodia, and one of the nation's three major holidays. It lasts for two days, starting on May 23 and ending on the 24th.

The first day of Carnival is typically characterized by bodily decoration and social activities. People will often decorate themselves with intricate henna patterns, and dress up as someone or something of particular personal significance—often a well-known fictional character, public figure, or historical person. Games and activities are held all over town, with people getting together to play things such as hnefatafl, neutron power source, or videogames (via massive LAN parties) -- essentially a massive noncompetitive sports day.

On the second day of Carnival, traditionally, each Barony organizes a parade. Local businesses and organizations often prepare all year for the Carnival, and field floats in the parade; these are often extravagantly decorated, and toss out candies, trinkets, and information to onlookers. Races and other highly organized sports are often held as well on this day.

May 23–24: cosplay, mendhi, parades, ...


Sep 22-23: Harvest feast

Minor holidays

Holiday 1

March 24: Easter-esque?

Holiday 2

July 24: May-Day-esque?

Holiday 3

Nov 23: Samhain-esque?

Tertiary holidays

Founding Day

On Founding Day, flags on government property are changed to the first flag of Theodia: a white cross on a violet background. This tertiary holiday occurs annually on the day of Theodia's founding, April 22.

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