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Post-Naroban Theodia

The Thirded Theodian year in the northern hemisphere, represented in terms of the Gregorian Calendar
The reformation of the Kalendar

In April 2014, the official calendar was redesigned to consist of 3 Thirds per year, and different calendars for different hemispheres of the Earth. The year-break occurred 1/3 of the year after the autumnal equinox for the northern hemisphere, and 1/3 of the year after the vernal equinox for the southern hemisphere; this was hoped to make a compromise between the seasons of the polar, mid-latitude, and tropical areas of the world. There were a couple intercalary days between each Third, and these were used as holidays.

The expansion of the bureaucracy

In 2014's August, Swena, in the interest of breathing new life into the republic, recruited several new citizens to serve as tribunes. These citizens were Musə, Praonə, Prenda, and Tilən. They were enthusiastic about participating in Theodian society, but due to limited time and direction, have thus far not contributed anything.

Refocusing on the language

The Theodian writing system, which had been thought to be fully developed, entered once more into a period of innovation. Though the individual glyphs themselves remained the same, the ways in which they are organized into syllables, lexemes, words, and sentences was overhauled. Ligatures no longer occurred solely artistically, when consecutive glyphs presented similar features to each other; but instead, all syllables were joined together. Dashes now separated lexemes, and larger spaces separated words.
As well, a hybrid a priori / IAL hierarchy for deriving the lexemes to be used by the language was developed, and many words were added to the language. This change marked an important paradigm-shift for the language, as it was realized that filling the lexicon almost exclusively with inherently meaningful words (sound-symbolic ones) was an uncompletable task. The language now uses a mixture of endonyms, internationalisms, iconisms, and randomly generated & phonetically ergonomic lexemes.
The nominal case system was also overhauled.

The development of the government

Much work has gone into developing theories of governance, but much of it remains unimplemented in the official legislative release, of which there has yet been only one. A second one has been nearly ready for release since mid-2014, but the work necessary to finish prepping it has never been done at a rate fast enough to keep pace with the changes in Theodian society.

Suspension of Mentia

Theodia more or less gave up on Minecraft as the future means of building Mentia, and placed the realm on ice until a superior programme could be found.

Continued development of the armour

By May 2015, the armour had developed to its present state, with lamellae that do not expose their lacing, a splint helmet, and several other features.

The sixth national flag
The sixth flag

An extraordinary amount of work went into creating the sixth national flag of Theodia, going through several minimalistic and romanticistic varieties. After having been worked on for nearly a year, the new flag was made official on 2015, April 22, the 5th anniversary of the country's founding.

Early Provisional Theodia

Collapse of the government

The bureaucracy attempted in the previous era completely failed, as Swena remained the only citizen actively contributing to the society. Realizing the difficulty of developing a robust government by rule of law with only a single person, Swena decided to refocus the country upon developing its non-legal aspects, and so suspended the previous government, instituting in its place a temporary provisional government, with all power being vested in Swena, and law being determined by decree.

Land reform

Until this period, Theodia had maintained several disparate claims around the world, with some in North America, and others in the Indian Ocean. This disunification of locality was perceived as presenting a significant barrier to the country's further development, so it was decided to focus upon a single piece of land. The North American claims were practically unfeasible, Karia was too tiny, and Amstria was far too isolated; so a new claim was sought. Considering the 5 regions humans have not yet managed to massively settle (tundra, polar, continental desert, the oceans, non-Earthly domains) and picking the region se felt most suited to figuring out how to develop (tundra), Swena, by means of Google Earth, began surveying Alaska and, later, Eastern Greenland, for suitable locations, eventually finding them in the form of Heden Plains, Schuchert Valley, and Ørsted Valley in and around Jameson's Land. Theodia internally claimed Jameson's Land in 2015's February, but did not publicize its claim until 2015, June 28, when it renounced all its previous claims. The final claim includes the portions of Stauning's Alps from Schuchert Valley to the border of the Northeast Greenland National Park, the northern third of Liverpool's Land, and all but the south-eastern tip of Jameson's Land; such that Theodia claims no developed or protected pieces of the land apart from the hunting-cabin at Sydkap and the abandoned Gurreholm station.


Unitarian Universalism was decreed the official religion of the Republic on 2015, June 18. This was intended to present a novel approach to religious pluralism.
Also, the country adopted an official tagline: "Rethink everything".

Systems-reform I

The official calendar was again changed in this period, with Swena working on it throughout the month of 2015's July. It replaced the thirded system with a halved system, each half of the year having 2-3 intercalary days for major holidays and located at a solstice. Each half was then divided up into 3 parts, each representing one of the 6 ecological seasons. The epoch was also changed to commemorate the officiating of Constantinople as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.
There were also numerous improvements to the mathematical standards of the country during this time, with trigonometry being made more transparent, the conventions surrounding the Cartesian plane being made more compatible with other conventions in Theodia, and circles being likewise compatibilitized.
Further, the nation's system of cartography was overhauled.
Additionally, a passable numeral system for Theodian was finally developed; and the language's grammar became increasingly complete, with the adoption of a unique system for expressing logical expressions. The Theodian script was made TtBtT-LtR for better compatibility with other systems in use in the country.

Revocation of claims

On 19 December 2015, Theodia revoked its claim in eastern Greenland, citing issues such as sea ice which would make it very difficult to supply.

Systems-reform II

In 2016 January, the official calendar was changed again, such that it consisted of 144 days and 12 weeks. Although this decoupled the Theodian fiscal calendar from Earth's seasonal cycles, it resulted in a highly regular calendar which is ready for use by a multi-planetary organization. The epoch was also again changed, this time to the first time that humanity intentionally escaped Earth's gravity-well.

The seventh national flag
New flag

The flag's crest was reverted to the classic gear symbol, and the golden trim was removed. This was intended to make the flag more iconic.


On 2016 March 20, Swena finally created the legislative development-hub se'd promised since 2014. In the months following this, se has gradually worked towards a stable release, capable of running the country fully noocratically.

Systems-reform III

In 2016 May and June, a cohesive system of traffic-regulation was developed, complete with signage—although all signs and such were created as raster-graphics. However, this system has not yet been publicly documented.

Diplomatic actions

Theodia, in 2016 July, was approached by Nedland and Abelden with treaties of mutual recognition, both of which it accepted. This was the first time in years that the country had participated in any kind of intermicronational diplomacy.

Linguistic advancements

In August 2016, Theodian's letters and numbers received novel names, designed to encode their features twice and maximize the differences between each letter, in order to make it easier to spell things over radios and phones when signals are bad. As well, pronouns were finalized, math was cleared up (although a description of it was not published on MicroWiki until April 2018), and the vowel graphemes of Theodic were regularized.
In September 2016, a barcode was created from the same binary tree as the Morse code.
In November 2016, Theodian was judged by David J Peterson (from Game of Thrones), who considered the language to be not half bad. His gripes were that much of the language could not have arisen naturally from another language, and that the existence of allophony unnecessarily complicates what is supposed to be an engineered language. Swena understood where he was coming from, but disagreed that those were problematic in Theodian. Most of Theodian is supposed to be completely a priori, to the point that it's not supposed to be capable of even having a protolanguage, so whether it could have arisen naturally is unimportant, so long as the language is featurally naturalistic. As for the second criticism, Swena argued that some allophony is inevitably going to arise in any language, and that there was nothing wrong with documenting it. Swena also argued that certain allophonies (like assimilation) can make a language easier to speak once you've learned it, and this meets one of Theodian's primary goals: ergonomics. Se also pointed out that the existence of allophony in Theodian didn't really matter much, anyway, since none of the rules affected comprehension, and so were technically optional. Even so, there were a couple rules that Swena agreed were superfluous, but se decided to retain them for artistic purposes.

Middle Provisional Theodia

This was one of the least active periods of Theodia's history, and lasted for about two years. However, while times were slow, the silence was punctuated with moments of great significance, such as Theodia's attendance of Microcon 2017.

Territorial changes

On 28 October 2016, Theodia reinstated its claim on Jamesonland in Greenland.

Cultural advances

In November 2016, a specific chirality (clockwise/right-handed/top-right/bottom-left) was selected to be the standard for screws, fans, and other chiral things. In December 2016, the heptatonic major scale became the standard scale for traditional Theodian music. In early 2017, Swena developed a novel electrical outlet for Theodia that solves many of the problems with older designs, such as the standard US one. Some additional work was done refining Theodia's culture and systems throughout the rest of the first half of 2017.

The eighth national flag, over Theodia's MicroCon display
Flag change

In June 2017, the flag was streamlined, with the central hexagon removed, all thicknesses and distances carefully calculated, and the colour changed to magenta for the sake of symbolism. This is the most professionally designed flag Theodia has ever had, and a physical copy of it was produced for use in MicroCon 2017. That makes it the second Theodian flag to have ever been physically produced, and the first to be in the possession of the Theodian government.

Legislative advances

In June and October 2017, some minor legislative development occurred on GitHub. Most of the work done was administrative, such as updating the readme,[1] updating assets,[2] and adding/improving configuration files.[3]

MicroCon 2017

Swena attended MicroCon 2017 on behalf of Theodia. This was the country's first in-person diplomatic summit, and resulted in the strengthening of ties between Theodia and several other micronations. Aigues-Mortes exchanged mutual recognition with Theodia, and this was the only change to formal diplomatic relations that Theodia experienced in 2017. At the gala, Swena was presented with a Medal of Micronational Service from the House of Homestead. Matt Roth, the photographer, remarked that Swena was the "headiest micronationalist" he'd ever met, beating out even the Sôgmô. Swena was interviewed by VICE News, but the interview did not make it into the final product. Swena was also interviewed by Atlanta Magazine, which made mention of the 3D-printed prototype Swena had made of the Theodian lamellar pattern.[4]

Cultural/linguistic advances

In July 2017, a simple notation was developed for Theodian music. In September, Theodia replaced the green-yellow-red colour scheme of the West with green-white-magenta, in an effort to improve colour-blind support. This new colour scheme has since become quite wide-reaching in Theodia. In October, the names of numbers and letters in Theodian were tweaked to avoid (rather than encourage) allophony. In March the next year, a specification for the proper order of round-robin systems was released. In May 2018, the basis for a national cuisine was laid-out, focusing on porridge and sandwiches. As well, the coffee vs tea debate was settled: matcha won. Religious policies were also clarified.


Relatively little occurred in Theodia in late 2018.

Late provisional Theodia

Adoption of Discord

In mid-2018, a Discord channel was created for Theodia. However, it laid dormant until March 2019, when, after joining MicroWiki@Discord, Swena invited all Theodian citizens to join the national Discord channel. Discord quickly supplanted Theodia's 5-year-old Facebook group as Theodia's main means of interaction with its e-citizens.

Legislative advances

In March 2019, new legislation was written for the first time since 2016.[5] This legislation laid out priorities and expectations for future legislation, and is hoped to help avoid the tediousness of moral debate.

Cultural advances

In early 2019, Theodic was tweaked, and some minor work was done on the Theodian lexicon. Additionally, a new type of garb was theorized for the country; and Swena reached out to Dr Takashi Suga to better-understand his unit system, which is expected to form the basis of Theodia's measurement system.

Wiki renovation

In May 2019, Swena began a substantial Wiki cleanup project, in preparation for MicroCon 2019.

Finalization of the legislature

In preparation for MicroCon 2019, Swena hopes to commit the design of the legislature to actual legislation on GitHub and implement a framework for international affairs to restore the country's ability to enter into relations with foreign nations.

MicroCon 2019

Swena will be attending MicroCon 2019 this year. This will be his first visit to another macronation.

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