Modern Aethodia

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The "modern" period of Aethodian history is considered to have begun with a period of inactivity following Theodia's renaming to "Aethodia" and MicroCon 2022. This era is currently ongoing, and has occurred exclusively within the Modern Era of the MicroWiki community.


Following MicroCon 2022, Aethodia fell into a state of relative inactivity.


Aethodia and New Athens held their third annual Chinese New Year dinner in Roswell, Georgia.


In June 2023, many long-since-needed articles were finally committed to the wiki, including Aethodian devolution and Aethodian traffic laws; and many others were updated.

MicroCon 2023

Aethodia once again registered to attend MicroCon, its fourth time doing so. It was hoped that the delegation this year would be larger than one, but fortune did not favor this idea.

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