New Oegstgeester Civil War

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New Oegstgeester Civil War
Bwar of inderpence.PNG
New Oegstgeester militraman vs Balistani Nationalists
Date9–27 September 2014

Status Quo

  • Disbanding of New Oegstgeest
  • Arnham ,and Thirn become Martinia

Martinian Flag.png Martinese Kingdom

  • Arnham.png Arnham
    (until 10 september)

United logo.pngUnited Party in exile
Enya.png Enyanese Authority
Derskov-Viadalvia flag.png Unionist Resistance
New Oegstgeest Millita flag.png Rebel Units
New Oegstgeester Republi.png National Freedom Front

Oudieplas Territory Flag.png Oudieplas Territory (diplomatic support)

New Oegstgeester Republi.png New Oegstgeest

  • New Oegstgeest Millita flag.pngNew Oegstgeester Army
  • New Oegstgeest Millita flag.pngNew Oegstgeester Navy
  • New Oegstgeest Millita flag.pngNew Oegstgeester Air Forces

Flag of Viadalvia.png Viadalvian Rebels
Owl.png Free Party
New Oegstgeester Republi.png Yakutan Brothers
Fascist Druisia.png Valita

  • Fascist Druisia.png Valitan Land Forces
  • Fascist Druisia.png Valitan Marines

NRF.png Volksfront

  • Ducth.png Dutch Mercenaries

Balistan Separatist Flag.png Balistani Nationalists

Ducth.png Nationale Vezet der Nederlanden
Commanders and leaders
Martinian Flag.png Sam Bakker
Martinian Flag.png Shady Morsi
Martinian Flag.png Mohammed Boky
United logo.png Joran van der Krul
United logo.png Sebastian Zoneveld
Enya.png Matt Dijk
Derskov-Viadalvia flag.png Timo Vink
Derskov-Viadalvia flag.png Rik van Der Horst
New Oegstgeest Millita flag.png Matt Wild
New Oegstgeest Millita flag.png Thomas Kaznj
New Oegstgeester Republi.png Ino de Wacht
New Oegstgeester Republi.png Stein Dros New Oegstgeester Republi.png Kevin Vanhaar
New Oegstgeester Republi.png Jordy Slos
New Oegstgeester Republi.png Wessel Kompanen
New Oegstgeester Republi.png Dave van Zaanland
New Oegstgeester Republi.png Johannes Mulder
New Oegstgeester Republi.png Merel Bos
Flag of Viadalvia.png Andy Neef
Flag of Viadalvia.png Justin Knive
Owl.png Mika Bij
Owl.png Robert Vries
Fascist Druisia.png Wesley Spronk
Fascist Druisia.png Micheal Ubecht
Fascist Druisia.png Chelsea Vink
Balistan Separatist Flag.png Heba Hosam
Balistan Separatist Flag.png Giviana Koopmans
Ducth.png Max van Dijk
66 81 19

The New Oegstgeester Civil War, widely known by the rebels as simply "the War of Liberation" as well as other regional names, is an ongoing conflict which began on 9 September 2014. Various individual provincies declared their independence from New Oegstgeest and formed various rebel factions.

After the 2014 New Oegstgeester Coup, Unitarists, led by Ino De Wacht, opposed the expansion of federalism and autonomism in territories. Ino won, but before his proclaimation as Lord Protector on 9 September, sevral states with federal based government formed various states. such as Martinia and Valita Hostilities began on 9 September 2014, when the Caligh Division rebelled upon Caligh, a key city held by Oegstgeester troops in Caligh When the city falls to the rebels some fractions separated from New Oegstgeest and formed their own states


Balistani War

The Balistani Republic declared its independence from New Oegstgeest on the 9 September 2014 after a dispute with New Oegstgeest regarding greater autonomy for certain areas earlier and New Oegstgeester selcuarism Then The Balistani War of Independence started on the same day because the New Oegstgeester Government did not accept the secession of Balistan, The Battle of Azrat (Balistanese self proclaimed capital) begon but after 40 minutes of battle it become a status quo

Ino's Coup

After the Balistani War of Independence, Some people disagree with the current 'federalist' government due to Parliament having passed emergency powers. to the Free Oegstgeest Party and become a single-party state with Stein Dros as president and Ino as minister

The 2014 coup d'état was a watershed event in The New Oegstgeester Civil War. Following an extended period of social and political unrest between the United Party and Free Oegstgeest as well as economic warfare ordered and the Balistani separatism

The military abolished the Confederacy and established an unitary single party state that brutally repressed federalist and unionist activity both domestically and abroad. Ino de Wacht declared himself Protector of All Oegstgeester Lands according some groups seen Ino's government as fascist

Center Rebellion

The Center Uprising began on 10 September 2014, as part of a nationwide plan, Operation Tempest, when the New Oegstgeester 14th Division approached the Central Oegstgeester Republic. The main Rebel objectives were to drive the autorties from the republic and help with the larger fight against the Loyalists. Secondary political objectives were to liberate Warsaw before the Valitan to underscore New Oegstgeester sovereignty The rebels took over the COR and declared the COR as the 'Free Zone of Caligh'


After the 2014 New Oegstgeester Coup, Unitarists, led by Ino De Wacht, opposed the expansion of federalism and autonomism in territories. Ino won, but Various states declared inderpendence from New Oegstgeest such as Martinia Enya and The Oudieplas Territory declared inderpendence (however the Oudieplas Territory dont declared war on New Oegstgeest) On 11 September the Battle of Kasan begon between Martinia and New Oegstgeest Martinia won but 1 Martinian soilder is injured then the Battle of Center begon between Martina and New Oegstgeest but this time its a stalemate

Valitan Intervention

The Valitan intervention was an expedition launched during by Valita in 11 September. The initial goals were to help the Lord Protectorate , and Takeover territories in New Oegstgeest.


  • Battle of Balistan(New Oegstgeest vs Balistanese Rebels) Both sides claim victory
  • Ino's coup (Ino vs Stein) Inoist victory
  • Center Uprising (Military vs New Oegstgeest) Millitary Victory
  • Battle of Kasan (Martinia vs New Oegstgeest) Martinian victory
  • Battle of Center (New Oegstgeest vs Martinia) Martinan victory