United Republic of Dolmenia

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The United Republic of Dolmenia (ENG)
De Verenigde Republiek van Dolmanië (NL)

Dolmanian flag.png
Real Emblem Of Dolmenia.png

World people unite (EN) Werledmensen te verenigen (NL)
Dolmenia IslandMap.png
North America (Atlantic Ocean).
Capital cityStonefield
Official language(s)English (US), Dutch
Official religion(s)None
Short nameDolmenia
GovernmentDemocracy Capitalism
- PresidentChris Gelmino (Conservator Party)
LegislatureDolmenian Congress
CurrencyDolmenian Dollar $
Time zoneCET - 5
National sportSoccer, Skateboarding, Motorcross, Basketball.
National dishFried potatos
National animalLion and Eagle

Dolmenia, officially the United Republic of Dolmenia is a new island (country) who building up till the winter of 2018. and the capital is Stonefield. Dolmenia is a democratic, semi-developed country. It has a plenty of palm trees, and modern cities and villages on a dessert climate.


The culture of Dolmenia is essentially a Western culture strongly influenced by Dolmenian culture. The predominance of the American English and Dutch language.

The Fashion

In Dolmenia they have always a fashion that never changed. The girls wears a Rock/Game t-shirts with Low-Rise Jeans, And actually they are ashamed not for part of her butt crack. The boys wears a Rock/Game too with Skate t-shirts, and shorts and jeans too.

How are the people in Dolmenia

Proud of his country, Drives a big car, Are always super relaxed , Are always friendly, Is quick to make happy, Are spontaneous on Events like (concert, sport, moments) and also exaggerated.

National Holidays/Traditions

New Years Day (January, 1)
Easter Day Sunday (April, 16)
Easter Day Monday (April, 17)
President's Day (April, 20)
Ascension Day (May, 25)
Pentecost (June, 4)
National Skate Day (June, 21)
Dolmenian Day (July, 6)
Halloween (October, 31)
Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in november)
Christmas Day (December, 25)
Boxing Day (December, 26)



The three largest cities of Dolmenia are:
1. Stonefield
2. Antonio City
3. Kenshoven
The otther cities: Darring City, Helderdam.
Stonefield Skyline Example.png


The public school system is based on 13 years of education for each pupil, beginning with kindergarten (kindergarten) for five year olds and ending with the twelfth class, after which students achieve their high schooldiploma. Therefore, the system is also called "K through 12", or simply "K12", called. Usually children successively through three different schools: elementary school and high school. If you still want to follow training, it is often available at a college. Here one can achieve a bachelor degree (four year program), or for some fields of study a lower associate degree (two years). Also universities offer a program to a bachelor degree. After this, one can follow a study at a University a master's degree or a doctorate of Philosophy. A big difference with other educational systems is that the access for the upper school or University not guaranteed by gaining the high school graduation, but by high scores in the final exams of the school year. Students are almost never forced to do a year (only for the score "F", failure). In order to be admitted to universities with high reputation should be on almost all subjects "A" (excellent). There is no national curriculum or standard final exam. And the same goes for the Dutch-speaking of Dolmenia.


Real-countries (Allies and Respect)

Normal good relations