Kingdom of Martinia

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Kingdom of Martinia
Koninkrijk Martinia
Royaume de Martinie

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Freedom means Freedom
Los Tigres di norte
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Capital cityKasan
Largest cityArnham
Official language(s)English , Dutch French
Official religion(s)20 % Muslim
50 % Cristianty
30 % None
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy under representative democracy
- KingSam Bakker
- Prime MinisterShady Morsi
- SecrataryMohammed Boky
LegislatureRoyal Diet
Established10 September 2014
National drinkCola
National animalLion

The Kingdom of Martinia , commonly known as Martinia or is a self-proclaimed sovereign state located off the south west of The Netherlands The country includes the former Central Oegstgeester Republic. The Kingdom is surrounded by the Netherlands,

As a representative democracy with a constitutional monarch, it is headed by a King ,Martinia is a developed country, with an advanced economy its main export product is fruits and vegetables due the fact Kasan is located on an allotment


Oegstgeest is one of the earliest inhabited places along the coast. Evidence of a Batavian settlement from the second century was found in 1946 in an extension of a coastal dune in the Elgeesterpolder, although it is not certain whether this location remained permanently inhabited in the centuries after that.

By the 9th century there was already a little church in the same location as the current Little Green Church (Groen Kerkje) which, according to legend, was dedicated by Willibrord. The existence of this church is an indication that there may have been a community there.

From the 11th to the 14th century, Oegstgeest enjoyed a period of progress. This ended when Leiden was granted city rights. The carrying out of trades and construction were no longer permitted within a certain distance from the city. In 1399, the heerlijkheid of Oegstgeest and that of Poelgeest were merged because their declining populations could no longer afford to pay the required taxes to the Count of Holland.

Oud Poelgeest. Until the 19th century the boundary of Oegstgeest extended right to the city walls and moats of Leiden. But in the 19th and 20th century, it conceded more and more of its territory to the rapidly expanding city of Leiden.

Before the early 20th century, Oegstgeest had a rural character and did not have a centre of population. It consisted of several unconnected smaller settlements. Only after 1900 were new neighbourhoods built between the settlements. First Wilhelminapark was built, followed by Prins Hendrikpark (circa 1915), Buitenlust or Indische Buurt (1925), Julianapark, Oranjepark, and Emmapark (1920–1950), and Grunerie and the area between Emmalaan and Lange Voort (1950s). In the 1980s and 1990s, the Haaswijk and Morsebel neighbourhoods were built, followed by Poelgeest in the 2000s. In 2006 construction started on a new neighbourhood, Nieuw Rhijngeest.

New Oegstgeester war

The New Oegstgeester Civil War, widely known by the rebels as simply "the War of Liberation" as well as other regional names, is an ongoing conflict which began on 9 September 2014. Various individual provincies declared their independence from New Oegstgeest and formed various rebel factions. After the 2014 New Oegstgeester Coup, Unitarists, led by Ino De Wacht, opposed the expansion of federalism and autonomism in territories. Ino won, but before his proclaimation as Lord Protector on 9 September, sevral states with federal based government formed various states. such as Martinia and Valita Hostilities began on 9 September 2014, when the Caligh Division rebelled upon Caligh, a key city held by Oegstgeester troops in Caligh When the city falls to the rebels some fractions separated from New Oegstgeest and formed their own state Martinia declared inderpendence and declared war on New Oegstgeest


Martinia is a parliamentary democracy headed by a constitutional monarch. Under the constitution of 2014, executive power is exercised by the King and the cabinet, which consists of several other ministers. The King has the power to dissolve the legislature, in which case new elections must be held within three months. However, , sovereignty has resided with the Nation, exercised by the King in accordance with the Constitution and the law.


It consists of a small army (currently consisting of around 5 people) known as the Royal Guard. As a landlocked country, it has no navy.


Martinian-Dutch border as seen from The Netherlands (the sign says Own Terrain forbidden access) Symbol of Martinian Inderpendence

Martinia is one of the smallest countries in Europe, its 2.863 M2 big

Martinia borders The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Bulgaria and France

The Dutch sector of Martinia considers of 4 countries The capital Kasan, Oudenhof-Walista, New Istanbul, and Sanchon Kasan is an allotment Oudenhof-Walista is an island and 2 exclaves its Landscape is mainly gras

The French sector is called the "Orlans", and is more developed than the Dutch sector. It is also more diverse, and can be divided into its a small vilage with a river and a windmill the mill is owned by the Royal Family The Bulgarian sector considers of the viliage Boazăt and is called Martinian Boazăt.


The Main claim of Martinia Named after the Oudenhofmolen a hollow post mill at the Lelielaan in Oegstgeest. The mill dates from 1783 and was built for the drainage of the polder Oudenhof. The small mill with a flight of 14,80 m is owned by the municipality Oegstgeest. By all kinds of construction projects, the mill is unfortunately built between buildings, and other buildings. The mill occasionally and usually visit on then. The mill is to grind in circuit. Walista considers of 2 enclaves One in the north and one in near Oudenhof Its capital is Newbourgh and its current Duchess is Faey I



Kasan, officially United District of Kasan-Albo, is the capital of Martinia. Kasan is located in the southren part of the country,it considers of 2 areas an allotment and a house near it


Arnham, Martinian biggest city, where the Royal Palace, the Inderpendence Square and the town folks is located.In Arnham, has lots of street events, for example:Millitary Parades and national holidays.There are shops in Arnham, however all shops in Arnham are made from sheds to save money for supplies. Shops in Arnham are: Gift shop, Food Shop,.The Royal Palace, is the home of the Martinian Monarch and his family. it have a population of 4


Sanchon is Martinia's biggest region it considers of the Royal Staduim and the city itself

New Istanbul

New Istanbul considers of a house a shed and an another house Its have a Turkish minorty and home of Mohammed Boky


A small villaige in France leaded by Sam Bakker It have a population of 5

Foreign Affairs

Martinia establishes and maintains diplomatic relations with other nations through the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He has the power to grant "states of friendship", official recognition of another nation can only be granted by the King or the Prime Minister

Mutual recognition

  • Arne Flag.png Principality of Arne

Recognized; no treaty signed