New Oegstgeester Republic

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New Oegstgeester Republic (English)
New Oegstgeester Republiek (Dutch)

New Oegstgeester Republi.png
Emblem of new oegstgeest.jpg
Provisional Emblem

Fight for you Nation
Europe ,Africa ,America ,Asia
Capital cityTransogalia
Official language(s)Federal: English, Dutch

Cultural:Derskovian Viadalvian Dradelian

Regional: French, German, Catalan Russian
DemonymNew Oegstgeester
GovernmentUnitary Single Party State
- MinisterIno de Wacht
- Lord ProtectorIno de Wacht
LegislatureOegstgeester Council
CurrencyNew Oegstgeester Sahel
Time zoneGMT and BST
National drinkCola
National animalGold Hamster

The New Oegstgeester Republic commonly known as New Oegstgeest is an autonomous nation-like entity which claims to be a sovereign state, but is more commonly, mostly by external observers, known as a new nation project.

New Oegstgeest is an unitary state made up of 3 districts Noord Oegstgeest Bangalu and Orisia. It was created on the 31 August 2014 when the 1st Oegstgeest Summit. It is based in the Netherlands, with Overseas regions in Asia, America, Antarctica and Europe.

Claiming 3921.71 square meters of territory and a population of 120, New Oegstgeest is a large-sized micronation. Its capital is Calegh, with about 8 inhabitants.

New Oegstgeest, with a cooperative economy economy, ranks as having a high level of income equality. It is frequently ranked as a good and rich nation. The national language,Leids Dialect are spoken in the dutch sectors,New Oegstgeest its one of the 2 Unionist states of the World New Oegstgeest is a Observe member of the Union of Islamic Micronations and a founding member of the Multinational Alliance Association


Talks on the formation of a Confederation were held by Shady Morsi Timo Vink Ramon and Sam soon after the dissolution of the 2 year defunct Drusia. It was decided that the culture of the Federation should be based around the Oegstgeest cultures of Europe,

New Oegstgeester Civil War

The New Oegstgeester Civil War, widely known in the rebels as simply the War of Liberation as well as other sectional names, was fought from 2014-ongoing. Various individually provincies declared their secession from New Oegstgeest and formed various rebel factions

After the 2014 New Oegstgeester Coup, Unitarists, led by Ino De Wacht, opposed the expansion of federalism and autonomism NO territories. Ino won, but before his proclaimation as Lord Protector on 9 September, sevral states with federal based government formed various states. such as Martinia and Valita

Hostilities began on 9 September 2014, when the Caligh Division rebelled upon Caligh, a key city held by Oegstgeester troops in Caligh When the city falls to the rebels some fractions separated from New Oegstgeest and formed their own states

New Oegstgeest disnband itself due the inactivty

Political parties

Party Name Logo Short name Leader Position Colours Seats
National Councill
Free Oegstgeest Owl.png Free Stein Dros Centerist dark red, white
7 / 7
Inderpendent Indies Vacant
2 / 7


Flag of the Oegstgeest Militia

The New Oegstgeest Militia is maded up from The Armed Forces of the Union and Arnhamese Armed Guard the Militia are the national military of New Oegstgeest. The NOM were founded on the day of fundation of New Oegstgeest

The Militia is also part of the councill , and directed by the councill during wartime. The President holds the position of commander-in-chief, and makes decisions regarding the organization of units and the promotion of officers in consultation with the Minister of Defence At present, the NOM consists 80% of the Derskov-Viadalvian Army The Derskov-Viadalvian Navy and the Union Air Force (UAF). 20% is from Arnham


Derskov-Viadalvia has an market economy in the Derskov-Viadalvian Sahel ss the currency of Derskov-Viadalvia. It is divided in 100 Pestar.

Derskov-Viadalvian Coins


In New Oegstgeest its many cultural institutions and activities visit: theaters, museums, cultural associations, archives, centers for the arts, amateur and the like.


  • Bumbargina
  • Aya
  • Poelgeest