New Concordia Federal District

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New Concordia Federal District
  Federal District  

Nickname(s): NCFD
Motto: "For Country"
Map of the NCFD
City New Concordia Council
 - Mayor Callum Russell
 - Total 0.0016 km2 (0 sq mi)
Elevation 50 m (164 ft)
Population (2022)
 - Total 4
 - Density 2,500/km2 (6,475/sq mi)
Time zone CST (GMT+08:30)

The New Concordia Federal District, otherwise known as the Federal District or the NCFD, is the capital and largest city of the Concordian Republic. It was founded alongside the Concordian Republic, on the 30th June 2021. It is located directly south of Aeonia and south-east of the New Aeonia Federal District. It is governed by the Mayor of the New Concordia Federal District, President Cameron Ramsell, in office since the 30th June 2021.

The New Concordia Federal District has been vital to the operation of the Concordian Republic since its founding. It acts as the primary base of operations for the President, as well as the Federal Guard, the official military police.


Founders Era

The New Concordia Federal District was founded, alongside the Concordian Republic, on the 30th June 2021. It originally only claimed around a third of its current area. Small border shifts occurred around early August, before major expansions in September. In the time between, however, it was the site of two battles in the Guardsman's War. In September, the city also hosted the Spring Festival, as reported in CMBC News. It finally claimed all of today's territory in mid-October 2021.

Civil Administration

On the 3rd December 2021, another conflict erupted on NCFD soil. This was a decision by Governor of Aeonia, McKenzie, to secede from the Concordian Republic, and to form the Republic of Aeonia. Following two reclamation and secessions, McKenzie took some land from the NCFD, to create the capital for the 'Republic of Tramp'. This nation was short-lived, lasting just 3 minutes from 6:03 to 6:06 pm. Since then, it has become the centrepiece of a serious regime, who have instated Cabinet members, COVID-19 restrictions and more from the city. One exception occurs, an autonomous area called Dreamtopiania, granted to McKenzie to appease her. This is a single room.

March-April Election

The New Concordia Federal District played a vital role in the March-April 2022 elections in the Concordian Republic. In late March, the NCFD gained a third citizen. The area acted as a primary base of operations for the voting distribution. The elections began on March 31, 2022. Incumbent Mayor Cameron Ramsell lead early, and is still leading however not confirmed as of April 5, 2022. The Governor of Aeonia is also voted on in New Concordia.


Government System

The government of the New Concordia Federal District is a Mayoral system, whereupon one mayor is elected each year. A mayor may appoint a council, however this is not mandatory. The role of Mayor was historically tied to the role of Governor or President of the Concordian Republic, however was separated in the preparations for the March-April election. The role is currently undetermined, however incumbent Mayor Cameron Ramsell leads in votes. The government of Dreamtopiania is the Queen and only citizen, former Aeonian Governor McKenzie.

National Cabinet

The National Cabinet of the Concordian Republic is held in the New Concordia Federal District if in person, and is where virtual meetings of Cabinet are hosted. The nearby New Aeonia Federal District can also be used for Cabinet sittings, however the more secure environment of New Concordia is preferred. It is also the base of the Concordian Republic's first political party, the Social Democrats, who as of April 5, 2022, have three of the four Cabinet seats.

Geography and climate


The New Concordia Federal District is located on the Darling Range, much like Eastern Aeonia. Prior to the 1970s, the property was part of a farm. Most of the Federal District's residents have family ties to that farm. However, earthworks were undertaken in the 1970s to prepare the area for construction, resulting in a series of platforms descending to a road. The platforms are frequent to flooding, however, as water can pool, before gushing down, as experienced in July 2021. Notably, an Australian exclave is bordered by New Concordia.


The ecology of the New Concordia Federal District is primarily introduced species. This includes Matilda and Buffalo grasses, as well as a great number of plants in gardens. Most notable amongst the plants are the prunus trees, producing Concordian Miniature Plums, the eucalyptus trees, and a Chinese elm.

There are also multiple species of animal in the NCFD. The residents' pets include a dog, a cat, chickens and a canary. Wildlife includes many species of bird such as magpies, ravens (or crows) and New Holland Honeyeaters, as well as some quendas (bandicoots) and occasionally a kangaroo. Cats previously plagued the area, killing wildlife, however in late March 2022 left.


The climate of the New Concordia is practically identical to that of Aeonia's. The record temperature in the Federal District's existence was 43.1°C on the 25th December 2021, and the coldest 2.1°C on the 2nd August 2021.

There have been some notable climate events since the founding of the Concordian Republic, and even prior to that. Arguably the most major in memory were the 2011 bushfires, which did not burn the New Concordia Federal District, however damaged a structure just two houses down. Since founding, however, the New Concordia Federal District experienced flooding on multiple occasions, including a river-like flow along Capitol Road and roof leaks indoors. Combined, these are known as the 2021 Concordian Flood Crisis. In December of that year, and January of 2022, the New Concordia Federal District also experienced major heatwaves. This included one over the Christmas period where temperatures reached above 40°C for five days in a row.


The New Concordia Federal District has been central to the culture of the Concordian Republic. From festivals to offices, it has been deeply involved in the Concordian Republic. Monuments include the Old Parliament Building, now the Centre for Commerce, which can be seen in the centre of the image above, and Fort Norman.

In terms of military, the NCFD is a base for the Federal Guard. Two locations are Fort Norman, a naturally-created fort. It is easily identifiable, as a large block of plants with a large open space inside. Another is the Runner's Base, a small building once used as a greenhouse. Today, it is covered in mildly toxic plant matter, making it an ideal place to hide out.

There are also multiple political attractions in the NCFD. One is the Old Parliament House, a small building in the NCFD's south. This was once the centre of political activity, however the building today houses Concordian artefacts and the Centre for Commerce. The President's Office, inside the primary building, is used today as President Ramsell's primary location. He uses it to pen concepts, engage in virtual meetings, and more. Finally, Dreamtopiania is a curious case of an autonomous region inside the Republic.

Multiple festivals and holidays are also centred around the District. It is where many of the favourite scenes from the Spring and Autumn Festivals take place, with gardens brimming with plant life abundant in the District. It is where votes are counted up, and where the Independence Day parade and President's Address are held. Overall, the NCFD is one of the richest places in the Concordian Republic in terms of culture.

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