National Statistics Office (Usian Republic)

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Former seal of the NSO

The National Statistics Office (NSO) is a sub-ministerial executive department subordinate to the Department of the Interior of the Usian Republic.[1] It is most noted intermicronationally for having conducted several micronational surveys.[2]


The National Statistics Office was established in September 2014 (the exact date is unknown).

Conduction of surveys

Since its foundation, the NSO has released four surveys: the General Micronational Survey (GMS), the Comprehensive Micronational Survey (CMS), the Micronationalists' Political Survey (MPS), and the Micronationalists' Political Survey Follow-Up (MPSF). The first two were aimed at micronations, with only one citizen being permitted to vote for their micronation. The MPS and MPSF, conversely, were aimed at micronationalists themselves, to find and document the political views of the individuals themselves. None of the surveys have been officially closed, and the latter two are quite recent.[3]

General Micronational Survey
The GMS was the first of the surveys, launched 5 November 2014. It was a succinct and fairly basic analysis of government, population, micronational mindset, age and main objective. As of 29 May 2023, 31 micronations have participated.[3]
Comprehensive Micronational Survey
The CMS was the second of the surveys, launched the day after the launch of the GMS. After the GMS was a reasonable success, with 16 micronations having participated by the launch of the CMS, its purpose was to go into greater detail about the properties analyzed by the GMS. It also gathered comprehensive information about age limitations, membership of organizations, foreign relations, military, surveys and the nature of the participants themselves, budget and participants' views about the current "'era' of micronationalism". It was by a considerable margin the longest survey, comprising of 36 questions.[3]
Micronationalists' Political Survey
The MPS was focused on collecting statistical data regarding micronationalists' views about their ideals, mainly concerning economics, social equality, and political/judicial equality.[2] It was launched 21 January 2015.[1]
Micronationalists' Political Survey Follow-Up

Survey results



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