Usian Supreme Court

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Usian Supreme Court
Seal of the Supreme Court
Seal of the Supreme Court
General information
Established27 July 2014
Meeting placeCourt Hall, House of the Government, Usipolis
Composition methodNon-partisian election
Authorized byUsian Constitution
Number of positions3
Chief justiceFirst Supreme Judge
Other justicesSecond and Third Supreme Judges

The Supreme Court of the Usian Republic (also Usian Supreme Court or the Supreme Court of Usi) is the highest judiciary body of the Usian Republic.[1] Currently, there are three inferior courts. It consists of the three Supreme Judges. Its primary function is to interpret the constitution, though it also holds the highest judicial authority in the Republic.

History and notable legal cases

The Supreme Court of Usi was established 27 July 2014. The Supreme Judges were elected on the 28th.


The task assigned to the Supreme Court is that of interpreting the Constitution, and to ensure that new legislation is not in conflict with it, though the Supreme Court also decides legal cases. It is the power of the Usian Supreme Court to sentence violators of the law. Usian laws only offer guidelines for punishment, (with the exception of capital punishment, which was banned in a landmark ruling of 2014). The Supreme Court may rule legislation unconstitutional. It is also responsible for impeachment cases.

Election and impeachment of justices

The Supreme Judges (currently three) are elected directly by citizens of the Usian Republic. Elections take place every four years, unless a Supreme Judge abdicates, in which case an election is called no later than two months afterward. The number of Supreme Judges increases proportionally to the number of citizens in the Usian Republic, though no more than eight Supreme Judges can exist per the Usian constitution. A Supreme Judge may be impeached by the Head of Executive suggesting the measure and two thirds of the Parliament voting in favor.


For legal cases concerning the overthrow of the government (serious attempts), high treason, crimes against humanity, war crimes, international crime, and any crimes that can warrant capital or corporal punishment, a tribunal must be formed. A tribunal in this sense is a court in which case decided on by the Supreme Judges and reviewed by a jury, consisting of twelve judges appointed by the Parliament.

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