Head of Executive (Usian Republic)

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Head of Executive of Usian Republic
Seal of the HoE
File:Standard of the Usian Head of Executive.png
Standard of the HoE
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Gabriel N. Pelger

since 14 July 2014
StyleHis/Her Excellency
ResidenceExecutive Residence, House of the Government, Usipolis
Term lengthUntil removed by biannual referendum
Inaugural holderSame
Last holderOffice established
DeputyExecutive General
Salary0 UTBs ($0)
Styles of
Gabriel N. Pelger
Reference styleHis Excellency, Head of Executive
Spoken styleYour Excellency
Posthumous styleHis passed Excellency, Head of Executive
Alternative stylePresident (very uncommon)

The Head of Executive (abbreviated HoE), officially the Head of the Executive Branch of the Government of the Usian Republic and its Territories is the head of government and head of state of the Usian Republic.[1]


The term Head of Executive is a direct indication of the position of the incumbent. It is similar to the position of Head of Legislative, and is unique to the Usian government. According to research conducted June 2015, the peculiar title originates from a diagram marking an untitled person as the "Head of the executive branch".


The position of Head of Executive developed mostly before the secession of the Usian Republic on 13 July 2014.[2] It was formerly referred to as Head of the Executive, but was then shortened for convenience. There have been many attempts to change the term to President, due to the shorter title for a person performing virtually the same functions.


The current Head of Executive is the micronationalist Gabriel N. Pelger. As the founder of the Usian Republic, he instated himself as first Head of Executive.
Pelger has put forth the only draft so far of a possible constitution for Usi.
He has been an active Usian citizen in terms of culture, government, ecology, economy, legislation and foreign relations. He is the representative of the Usian Republic in the Quorum of the Grand Unified Micronational and the General Assembly of the Nollandish Confederacy.

Chart displaying based on a questionnaire displaying Pelger's political views. (Click for better display)


The Head of Executive nominates the Head of Legislative and the Province Governors, which are confirmed by the Parliament. He or she also appoints the entire staff of the executive branch. The Head of Executive also has the power to make any delegated legislation, that is, regulations. The Head of Executive is the commander-in-chief of the Usian military, though only the Parliament can declare war. If a state of emergency is declared, the Head of Executive gains more powers, for instance the power to make emergency delegated legislation.

Election and removal

The Head of Executive is directly elected, and serves until abdication or removal by the biannual Executive Referendum. The Head of Executive may be impeached by the Supreme Court making a legal case against the incumbent and the House of People's Representatives voting for impeachment (2/3 majority).

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