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Compilation of all logos/seals of the executive agencies of the government of the Usian Republic.

The executive branch of the government of the Usian Republic is comprised of sixteen cabinet-level ministries that make regulations and provide the numerous services and much paperwork needed by citizens. It is led by the Head of Executive.[1]


The government of the Usian Republic has evolved its own terminology for many things, notably itself.

Types of department

Department being the generic term for an executive entity of the government, and ministry being the name for a cabinet-level department, there are the terms agency, service and bureau to be defined. A service (e.g. Military Services) is the name for an Usian department which not only regulates, but also directly employs citizens to implement its subject matter, hands-on. For instance, Military Services is the term for the government directly employing members of the Army, Air Force and Navy, not just regulating independent or partly independent agencies. Department is not only the generic term, but especially in a name signifies an "executive entity" that must form a committee employing government officers to actively deal with unusual issues at hand as opposed to directly sending an agent to deal with a situation. An agency, in addition to regulating its subject matter, also can directly employ government or extra-governmental agents to do what a departmental committee would do. A bureau is much like an agency, except for that it is usually smaller and may have a less clear distinction.[1]

Joint departments

Where two or more departments, cabinet- or sub-cabinet-level departments duties' overlap, both marginally have to do with the subject matter and there is no other department, or if two departments have to work in such close liaison that they are nearly indistinguishable, a joint department is usually formed. This joint department receives funding and direction from both/all departments involved. If a joint department is probable to exist for an indefinite amount of time, provided it is working well, can be renamed and be established as a department in its own right.[1]


The executive branch can establish a committee, which is very similar to a bureau, but designated for a highly specific purpose. The legislative equivalent is a board. It may also establish a commission, a type of temporary committee which may also act as a service.A service commission is synonymous with a task force (except shorter in acronyms).[1]

Internal hierarchy

The executive branch of the Usian Republic is one that is hierarchical and unified. It is headed by the directly elected Head of Executive and the Executive General. The only direct way of influencing the workings of the executive branch that the Parliament has is the appointment of a Lieutenant Executive.

  • Head of Executive
    • Executive General
      • Lieutenant Executive
      • Heads of Department/Ministers
        • Lieutenant Heads of Department/Lieutenant Ministers
          • Heads of Sub-Departments

Outline of ministries

In the following are listed (as titles) the ministries of the Usian Republic, described succinctly, with sub-departments additionally listed in normal text.[1]

Department of the Interior

The Department of the Interior deals with a very large amount of issues. It is often facetiously called the "Department of Everything Else". It incorporates services provided in an executively similar system, the United States, by the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Justice, Department of the Interior and the Department of Labor. An incomplete list of its sub-departments is listed below:

Logo of the Bureau of Art and Music (BAM).
  1. Department of Justice (DJ)
  2. Bureau of Order (BO)
  3. Bureau of Labor (BL)
  4. Familial Matters Agency (FMA) (Adoption, custody...)
  5. Bureau of Matrimony (BM)
  6. National Documentation Office (NDO)
    1. National Statistics Office (NSO)
    2. Mapping and Cartography Office (MCO)
  7. Joint Publishing and Printing Agency of Usi (JPPAU) (Official government publications, leaflets, etc.)
    1. Publishing Services of Usi (PSU) (Governmental publishing service, for any citizen)
    2. Government Paperwork Printing and Digitization Office (GPPDO) (Documents, files, Identification papers, treaties)
    3. Special Item Production Office (SIPO) (Passports, identification cards, etc.)
  8. Bureau of Elections and Voting (BEV) (Responsible for setting up elections and counting votes)
  9. Agency of Media, Press and Computing (AMPC)
    1. Press and Media Regulation Agency (PMRA)
    2. Media Bias Index Office (MBIO)
    3. Electronics and Communication Regulation Agency (ECRA)
  10. National Norming Office (NNO)
    1. National Symbol Standardizing Office (NSSO)
  11. General Governmental Public Relations Office (GGPRO)
    1. Office of the Spokesperson of the Government (OSG)
  12. Bureau of Art and Music (BAM)
  13. National Government Registry (NGR)[1]

Department of Education and Research

  1. Bureau of Pre-scholastic Education (BPE)
  2. Bureau of Scholastic Education (BSE)
  3. Bureau of Academic Education (BAE) (University and specialized education)
  4. Bureau of Skilled Labor (BSL)
  5. Agency for the Promotion of Formality and Courtesy(APFC)
  6. Bureau of Research (BR)
    1. Usian Etymology Commission (UEC)

Department of Foreign Politics

  1. Office of the Foreign Minister (OFM)
  2. Office of the Ambassador-at-Large (OAaL)
    1. Office of the Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands (OAtKN)
Logo of the Department of Foreign Politics until 8 March 2015.

Department of Finance and Economy

  1. Taxation and Fine Collection Service (TFCS)
  2. National Debt Regulation Office (NDRO)
  3. Bank of Usi Liaison Office (BULO)
    1. Joint Minting Service (JMS)
  4. Finance Legislation Enforcement Task Force (FLETF)
  5. Finance Data Office (FDO)[1]

Department of Health and Human Rights

  1. Health and Human Rights Monitoring Agency (HHRMA)
  2. Health Establishment Inspection Agency (HEIA)
  3. Licensing and Testing Office (LTO) (Licensing of hospitals and other health establishments and setting examinations for aspiring doctors and evaluation of foreign achievements)
  4. Veterinary and Sheltering Services (VSS)
  5. Joint Health and Human Rights Leaflet Designing Office (JHHRLDO) (with Department of the Interior)
  6. Joint Disease and Condition Researching Bureau (JDCRB) (with Department of Education and Research)
  7. Inmates' Health and Human Rights Inspection Agency (IHHRIA) (inspection of prisoners' living conditions)[1]

Department of Energy and Water

  1. Consumer Agency (CA)
    1. Consumerism Control Services (CCS)
    2. Water Quality Bureau (WQB)
  2. General Administration Services (DEWGAS)

Immigration and Registration Agency

  1. Citizenship and Residency Application Review Office (CRARO)
  2. Censusing Bureau (CB)
  3. Joint Identification Document Issuing Service (JIDIS) (with SIPO)
  4. Citizens' Registry Office (CRO)
    1. Incarceration Records Office (IRO)[1]

Travel and Emigration Agency

  1. Deportation and Expelling Services (DES)
  2. Emigration Regulation Agency (ERA)
  3. Travel Bureau (TB)
    1. Domestic Travel Agency (DTA)
      1. Tourism Office (TO)
    2. Foreign Travel Agency (FTA)
  4. Customs Task Force (CTF)
  5. Foreign Travel Agency Liaison Office (FTALO)
  6. Consular Services (CS)[1]

Environment Agency

  1. Environmental Surveillance Agency (ESA)
  2. Environmental Destruction Prevention Agency (EDPA)
    1. Harmful Emission Reduction Agency (HERA)
  3. Urbanization Regulation Agency (URA)
  4. Protected Pest Removal Agency (PPRA)[1]

Agriculture Agency

  1. General Administration Bureau (AAGAB)

Usian Intelligence Agency

Logo of the Usian Intelligence Agency

National Investigation Agency

  1. Investigation Services (IS)
    1. Crimes Against the Person Task Force (CAPTF)

Emergency Services

  1. Usian Police Force (UPF)
    1. (Active personnel)
      1. Guarding and Personal Protection Commission (GPPC)
    2. Administration Agency of the Usian Police Force (AAoUPF)
  2. Usian Firefighting Force (UFF)
    1. (Active personnel)
    2. Administration of the Usian Firefighting Force (AAoUFF)
  3. Usian Health Emergency Force (UHEF)
    1. (Active personnel)
    2. Administration Agency of the Usian Health Emergency Force (AAoUHEF)
    3. Ambulance Force (AF)

Military Services

As the name suggests, Military Services (MS) employs and is responsible for the member of the armed forces of Usi.

Logo of Military Services
  1. Usian Army (UA)
    1. (Active personnel)
    2. Joint Ground Transportation Service (JGTS) (GTS and Bureau of Transportation)
  2. Usian Air Force (UAF)
    1. (Active personnel)
    2. Joint Air Transportation Service (JATS) (ATS and Bureau of Transportation)
  3. Usian Naval Force (UNF)
    1. (Active personnel)
    2. Joint Maritime Transportation Service (JMTS) (MTS and Bureau of Transportation)
  4. Combat Medical Services (CMS)
    1. (Active personnel)
    2. Foreign Military Medical Services Liaison Office (FMMSLO)
  5. Strategic Counseling Office (SCO) (Equivalent to the USA's Joint Chiefs of Staff)
  6. MS Office of Organization and Funding (MSOOF)
  7. MS Public Relations Office (MSPRO)
  8. Bureau of Weapons Development (BWD)
    1. Joint Weapons Testing Commission (JWTC)
  9. Joint Nuclear Weapons Commission (JNWC) (UA, UAF and UNF and Bureau of Weapons Development)
  10. Military Scouting Agency (MSA)[1]

Bureau of Infrastructure and Housing

  1. Office of the Head of the Bureau of Infrastructure and Housing (OoHoBIH)
  2. General Administration Services

Bureau of Transportation

  1. Public Transport Agency (PTA)
  2. Traffic Agency (TA)
  3. Special Transportation Agency (STA)
    1. Bureau of Dangerous Goods Transportation (BDGT)
    2. Bureau of Military Transportation (BMT)

Independent government agencies

  1. Office of the Head of Executive (OHoE)
    1. Coordination Directorate (OHoECD)
    2. Executive Secretariat (OHoEES)
    3. Press, Media and Information Directorate (OHoEPMID)
      1. Executive Briefing Office (OHoEEBO)
    4. High Executive Security Directorate (OHoEHESD)
      1. Executive Security Detail (OHoEESD)
    5. Advisory Panel of the Head of Executive (FAPHoE)
      1. Economics and Budget Policy Advisory Panel (EBPAP)
      2. Foreign Policy Advisory Panel (FPAP)
      3. Military and Security Policy Advisory Panel (MSPAP)
      4. Legislative and Juridical Advisory Panel (LJAP)
      5. Popular Needs and Opinion Advisory Panel (PNOAP)
      6. Science and Technology Advice Panel (STAP)
      7. Ethics and Human Rights Advisory Panel (EHRAP)
      8. Special Advisory Panel (SAP)


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