Timeline of Usian history

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This is a timeline of the history of the Usian Republic.

Usian Republic

2007 - Invention of the name "Usi", beginnings of the Usi movement.
2008 - First use of Usi as a name for an "economical entity", not seeking independence in any way.
2011 - First conception as "USI-Land" without being a micronation.
13 July 2014 - Founding and declaration of independence with one citizen. (13 July is now an official holiday by the name "Secession day".)
21 July 2014 - Usian Parliament established.
27 July 2014 - Usian Supreme Court established.
28 July 2014 - Election of Supreme Judges.
14 August 2014 - Opening of diplomatic relations with Principality of Lomellina.
28 August 2014 - Number of eligible citizens equal to number of seats in the Parliament - Usians randomly assigned houses. Also: establishment of the Usian medal system.
1 September 2014 - (Official) opening of diplomatic relations with member states of the IMA.
2 September 2014 - Signing of the Castello di Valle Treaty (CdV).
10 October 2014 - Application of the Usian Republic to join the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM) rejected.
5 November 2014 - State of Emergency type A declared.
10 January 2015 - High Court of the First Judiciary District abolishes capital punishment.
19 January 2015 - Usian Republic accepted into the GUM as a provisional member nation after re-application.
21 January 2015 - Full year Parliamentary elections postponed until 21 February 2015.
23 January 2015 - Official breaking of diplomatic relations with Lomellina, and other defunct micronations of the CdV treaty.
30 June 2015 -

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