Movement for the Francillish Language (Zealandia)

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Movement for the Francillish Language
Bewéigung fur d' Sprech francilisch


James von Puchow

Founded July 7, 2011
Disbanded September 2011
Headquarters Royal North Llabdey, Zealandia (national) and Sycamore Booker, Landashir (administrative)
Ideology Non-partisan, centrism, pro-reform
National affiliation Kingdom of Zealandia
Official colours Green, yellow and navy blue
Official Facebook

The Movement for the Francillish Language was a political movement and registered party of the Kingdom of Zealandia. Primarily, the MFL aims were to represent speakers of the minority language of Zealandia, Francillish. The party promoted reform and the preservation of national heritage in Zealandia. It was considered to be one of several successor parties to the Zealandian Democratic Front. It was officially disbanded by James von Puchow in September 2011, after von Puchow declared his resignation from all his roles in Zealandia due to issues in Government. The party left no successor.


The MFL stated that it preffered not to assign itself to any particular political view. Its aims were to mainly to represent a regional and non-ideological view on matters for its constituents and supports change and improvement in Zealandia after recent government conflicts with Sebastian Linden.


The movement ras in cooperation with the regulatory authority of the Francillish language, D' College Linguistisch-Francilisch. As a result, the leader of D' College was traditionally given the position of Secretary. As there were and still are currently no permanent structures in the formerRoyal North Llabdey, where the Zealandian Francillish community 'hub' is based, all administrative duties were conducted in the Landashir'n Government Building in Sycamore Booker where Francillish is also spoken.


The MFL often campaigned where a Francillish community exists, calling for voters to 'think local' and vote for a party that represents the general populus in contrast to a set ideology. The former province of Royal North Llabdey was subject to most of this campaigning as the only province in Zealandia where a territorial population of Francillish citizens actually existed.

A flyer distributed by the MFL in July 2011

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