Minister of Defense (Hashima)

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Minister of Defence of the
Principality of Hashima
Umberto Rossi

since 20 June 2015
Term lengthThree years
Inaugural holderCheng Zhang
Formation28 September 2014
Salary1000 Yuan of Hashima per month

The Minister of Defence is the member of the Parliament of Hashima who is in charge of the Ministry of Defence.
The Minister of Defence is elected by the subjects of the Principality of Hashima in a General Election. Its office lasts for 3 years, but can be stopped early if the Prince and the Princess of Hashima decide to remove the Ministry of Defence from its office.
Citizens that are members of the Nationalist Party of Hashima can also being candidate for become the new Minister of Defence; the minimum age for can be a candidate is 25 years old.
The founding Minister of Defence was Cheng Zhang.

Constitutional role

The Minister of Defence has the duty of defending Hashima, its people and government.
Its main functions are the administration of the Armed Forces. The Minister of Defence is also responsible for defending the foreign embassies of the Principality of Hashima, it they should request military aid.

List of Ministers of Defence

Picture Name Party Term Term start Term end Notes
Cheng Zhang Nationalist Party of Hashima 1 28 September 2014 19 June 2015 Proclaimed Minister of Defence in the Declaration of Independence.
Umberto Rossi Nationalist Party of Hashima 1 19 June 2015 Elected new Minister of Defence after the resignation of the previous one.