List of Guardian Leaders of the Nation

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Guardian Leader of the Nation of Richensland
Black Standard.png
Nyck Bradaten

since 13 August 2020
StyleSupreme Overlord
(outranks all other honorifics)
AppointerPrevious officeholder
(de jure)
Term lengthLife tenure
Inaugural holderNyck Bradaten
Formation13 August 2020

Guardian Leader of the Nation, or simply the Guardian Leader, is a symbolic title held by the most influential member of the government of the Richensland. The title holds no power and is not the head of state nor the head of government of the nation but is instead the patron and symbol of the Richenslandian state. The current titleholder is Nyck Bradaten, who has been serving in such capacity since 13 August 2020 and is concurrently serving as the President of the nation, the actual head of state and of government of Richensland and by virtue of the office, holds actual power.


The Guardian Leader has no powers except in the matter of issuing decrees. Such decrees are a rarity and are not generally focused on law.

His role is similar to that of the Emperor of Japan, albeit without de jure Head of State roles


There has only been one titleholder in the history of the title.

No. Name
Assumed office Left office Heir presumptive
1. Nyck Bradaten
13 August 2020 Incumbent Rifqi Hanif