Kingdom of Abrus

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Kingdom of Abrus
Flag of Kingdom of Abrus
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Abrus
Coat of arms
Motto: "Serviens sub Deo"
Anthem: God Save the King of Our Land
LocationOnslow County, North Carolina, United States
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• Monarch
Tammy I
• Prime Minister
Stacey Hitz
• (as of 2017 census) census
CurrencyUS Dollar
Abranian Dollar
Time zoneEst
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Abrus
Republic of Abrus

The Kingdom of Abrus was a micronation re-founded on 23/1/2017, and established 24/1/2017.


Before Re-foundation

The Kingdom of Abrus was established on the same grounds as Abrus as a continuation of the former nation, which was founded on November 11, 2015 as a monarchy by Sean Cavanaugh. On January 14 of the following year, Sean Cavanaugh decided to self-proclaim the nation as a commonwealth realm and gave up the position of Monarch to Queen Elizabeth II as the unofficial-official Monarch of the nation. At the time, the flag and coat of arms of Abrus were created. The flag represented a variation of the Union Flag. Sean Cavanaugh became the official Prime Minister of the nation. However, on March 3, 2016, parliament decided to revert the country back to a monarchy, with a new Monarch (Stacey Hitz) at the helm. Then on September 12, 2016, the Prime Minister called for a 'Government Reset' on the slow and non-functioning government. It is during this time, that the Kingdom was re-established as a republic. This new republican government has been said to resemble that of the United States government in certain areas. On January 7 through multiple debates between the legislature speaker and the President, the Council of Abrus decided it was best to dissolve Abrus. It wasn't until Jan. 14th that the vote in the council came to a conclusion, and after a few weeks of battle between the Council and the President, the nation was dissolved by a unanimous vote.

A New Nation

After the Republic of Abrus dissolved in mid January 2017, the President, who strongly opposed the dissolution of the state, decided to establish a new nation, that would be a lot like the current United Kingdom. The Kingdom of New Britain was founded 23/1/2017, and completely established on 24/1/2017 as a continuation of the former nation of Abrus. King Sean I, later changed the name of the new nation to Abrus to solidify its purpose to being a continuation of the former nation.

Government and politics

The Kingdom of Abrus is a Unitary Parliamentary system under a Constitutional Monarchy. Parliament is the legislative branch of government, in which representatives are elected by their respective districts into either of the two houses of Parliament; The Senate, or the House of Commons. The leader of the party that has a majority in Parliament, gets to become the head of government, AKA Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is the Head of Government, and is essentially the second face of the country, after the monarch. The Prime Minister assembles a cabinet of advisors to become department executives that deal with things like, foreign affairs, HM Treasury, public safety, etc. The Government of Abrus has a term limit of 4 years but can endlessly be re-elected.

Law and order

The Jusicial Branch of Abrus consists of the Supreme Court of Abrus. The Supreme court deals with all legal cases, and even swearing in ceremonies of elected officials. Currently there are 3 justice positions in the Supreme court and one of them are taken by Chief Justice Tyler Cavanaugh.

Law enforcement in Abrus relies on its Armed Forces.

Foreign relations

There are no foreign relations at the moment, but Abrus will seek to gain back relations with former micronational allies.

On the day of it's foundation, His Majesty wrote a royal decree stating that when established, Abrus shall join the Union Against Micronational War, and the Grand Unified Micronational, however, neither of the two have happened yet.

Geography and climate

The Kingdom has a total area of 205,157 sq ft (4.7 Acres, and .019 km^2). There are a total of 5 territories within the Kingdom, one of which is a Abranian Overseas Territory. 3 Territories are located in Jacksonville, North Carolina, all of which are incorporated territories. 1 Territory is located within the continental United States, in Jeffersonian, Indiana, and is an unicorporated territory of Abrus. Another is located in Heidelberg, Germany, and is an unincorporated overseas territory of Abrus.


The Kingdom has various climates, considering it lays claim to land in multiple states in the United States, and in Germany.

Capital Park in the middle of Spring.

The Climate for the most part is a warm oceanic climate with the warmest month around 90 °F


While not strong what-so-ever, Abrus does have a military.



The Kingdom of Abrus celebrates an assortment of adopted US, UK, and religious holidays.

- New Years Day, 1 January
- Founders Day, 23 January
- Constitution Day, 2 February
- Valentines Day, 14 February
- St. Patrick's Day 17 March
- Easter Sunday/Monday, 16 April, 17 April
- Mother's Day, 14 May
- Father's Day, 18 June
- Halloween, 30 October
- Guy Fawkes Day, 5 November
- Thanksgiving, 23 November
- Christmas Eve/Day, 24th of Christmas, 25th of Chritsmas
- Boxing Day, 26 December
- New Years Eve 31 December
- Many more


There are no official news websites opened yet, nor anything to do with social media.

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