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—  City  —
Country Abrus
County Anastasia
Founded 14 November 2015
Founder Sean E Cavanaugh
 - Mayor Empty Position
Population (February 2017)
 - Total 7
Demonym Cavlanian
Time zone AST (40 Min. ahead of EST)
Area Code 910

The city of Cavlan is the capital city of Abrus. It is located in the county of Anastasia, has a population of 7, and has a complete square footage of 7,841 sqft.


The city was orignially founded as the whole country at first, but in the quest to expand it's borders Abrus now has other territory in the world.

Capital Crisis

In February 2016, there were many changes done to the Kingdom of Abrus, including where it's capital was. Many people unofficially began to call Victoria the Capital after parliament had unofficially named Victoria the capital, while Cavlan was still the official state capital. After March, the conflict was resolved, and the official Capital was declared, and that was Cavlan.