City of Cavlan

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Cavlan City
County of Westbarrow, City of Cavlan.png
Founded14 November 2015
 • Lord MayorHIH Tammy
 (August 2019)
 • Total4
Time zoneEST
Area Code910

Cavlan City is the capital city of Cavlan. It is located in the province of Carolina, has a population of 4, and has a complete square footage of 7,841 sqft.


Cavlan City has had an intense History, and has been the center of many civil conflicts in regards to the sovereignty of Cavlan. Cavlan City was first established in 2015 as a small room within the now-included residence, and was established as the Capital of Abrus, a former micronation.

Hurricane Florence

In September 2018, Cavlan, and the US State of North Carolina (among others) suffered damage caused by Hurricane Florence, which made landfall in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina on September 14, as a Category 1 Hurricane. Despite the lowered status of Florence, due to the speed at which Hurricane Florence was moving, the effects suffered by the area, and other surrounding areas, including within Cavlan City, Alleville, and Wensmore were catastrophic. The Holy Emperor had evacuated to the American State of Tennessee, while other members of the Imperial Family decided to stay behind, not anticipating the actual damage of the storm. It Just so happened that several spots on the roof of the residency were compromised by high speed winds, and rain poured into the attic, and on top of the drywall ceilings. Eventually the ceilings collapsed, allowing pouring rain into the residence, completely overtaking the carpets with rain water, allowing fiberglass insulation to fall into almost all of the rooms within the residence, knocking several furniture items over. The residence suffered extensive damage due to exposure to the elements, especially moisture which allowed mold to grow on everything affected. The Imperial Family which had stayed behind were forced to evacuate the residence to a hotel in America. In the following weeks, more mold had grown, and the inside of the residence was virtually unlivable. All affected furniture items, among other things were thrown away, and an entire remodel of the house was necessary. Over the course of the next 10+ months afterwards, work on the residence had continued, ad the Imperial Family displaced for the entirety of the year, and well into the next year. In July 2019, the Imperial Family returned to live in the residence while it was still being worked on, however the Holy Emperor had decided to take an extended stay at the Wensmore Imperial Residency while work is in progress.


Cavlan City is headed by the Lord Mayor, and a City Council. The Current Mayor, The Rt. Hon. HIH Emperor Grandmother Lady Tammy OJP was installed as Lord Mayor in 2019 by HIM Conrad I, succeeding Lord Mayor HIH Emperor Father Matthew.