Republic of Abrus

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Republic of Abrus (defunct)
Anthem: Our Home Abrus
LocationOnslow County, North Carolina, United States
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDominant-Party, Semi-Presidential Republic under a Dictatorship
• President
Sean Cavanaugh
• Premier
LegislaturePeople's Assembly
Establishment- Founded 2015
- Second Republic established 2018
• (as of 2018) census
CurrencyUS Dollar
Abranian Dollar
Time zoneEst
To come soon
Succeeded by
Republic of Abrus

The Kingdom of Abrus, commonly referred to as Abrus, is a self-declared sovereign state based in the continent of North America. Its claim as a sovereign state is disregarded by external observers and is commonly referred to as a micronation.

The Kingdom of Abrus is a Micronation which was officially founded in 2015 but to some people, have suffered a hardship of inactive government and dissolution attempts over the years.


Before Re-foundation

The Kingdom of Abrus was established on November 11, 2015 as a monarchy by Sean Cavanaugh. On January 14 of the following year, Sean Cavanaugh decided to self-proclaim the nation as a commonwealth realm and gave up the position of Monarch to Queen Elizabeth II as the unofficial-official Monarch of the nation. At the time, the flag and coat of arms of Abrus were created. The flag represented a variation of the Union Flag, and presented the commonwealth's coat of arms. Sean Cavanaugh became the official Prime Minister of the nation. However, on March 3, 2016, parliament decided to revert the country back to a monarchy, with a new Monarch (Stacey Hitz) at the helm. Then on September 12, 2016, the Prime Minister called for a 'Government Reset' on the slow and non-functioning government. It is during this time, that the Kingdom was re-established as a republic. This new republican government has been said to resemble that of the United States government in certain areas. On January 7 through multiple debates between the legislature speaker and the President, the Council of Abrus decided it was best to dissolve Abrus. It wasn't until Jan. 14th that the vote in the council came to a conclusion, and after a few weeks of battle between the Council and the President, the nation was dissolved by a unanimous vote.

A New Nation

After the Kingdom of Abrus re-established in January 2017, the King established a new nation, that would serve as an active nation in the micronational community, and would no longer face an inactive government. The provisional government of Cavlan was the first to come out of the wreckage. With a Head of Operations in place, government types and how our government would be run was officially put into plan, and afterwards The Republic of Abrus was established 2/2/2018. Sean Cavanaugh, former King of Abrus, and Head of Operations of the Provisional Government of Cavlan, declared himself as ruling dictator of the Republic of Abrus, and has plans for the nation that will only make it succeed in the Micronational community.


The Republic of Abrus, since it's establishment has been working to gain back the title it once held as an active micronation that had active participation by the government.

Government and politics

The Republic of Abrus is a Unitary Dominant-Party Semi-Presidential Republic system under a Autocratic Dictatorship. The People's Assembly is the legislative branch of government, in which representatives are elected by their respective districts into one house of the Assembly; The Council. The leader of the party that has a majority in Parliament, gets to become the Speaker of the Assembly, while a Chair of the People's Assembly (The Premier) is appointed by the President under advice by the People's Assembly. The President and the Premier share executive power. The President Runs the Country a unitary whole, while the Premier runs the People's Assembly and acts as a direct Adviser to the President. The President assembles a cabinet of advisors to become department executives that deal with departments such as, foreign affairs, The National Treasury, public safety, etc. The President of Abrus has no term limit.

Law and order

The Republic of Abrus, and it's laws are upheld by a supreme court, and a Constitution.


The Constitution of the Republic of Abrus was written by President Sean Cavanaugh as Head of Operations of the Provisional Government of Cavlan. By Constitutional Convention, the Constitution was signed by the citizens of the Cavlan, the only territory of the Republic of Abrus. The constitution covers the necessary rights of individuals which should not be infringed upon, the ultimate goal of the Republic of Abrus as a micronation, and sets up the government. The constitution is the law of the land, and what's on paper, goes. Nothing can be replaced but by a constitutional convention in which an amendment MUST have a unanimous vote to which the citizens of Abrus do agree.

National Court

The National Court is the Supreme Court system in Abrus. It is headed under the leadership of President Sean Cavanaugh as Chair of the National Court. The National Court serves cases against the state, and Civil Cases

Local Law Enforcement

There is currently a local law enforcement of the city of Cavlan, but with 0 personnel, it serves currently no purpose. President Sean Cavanaugh is said to be the de facto source of law enforcement in the City of Cavlan.