Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Abrus)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry overview
FormedJanuary 2017
Preceding Ministry
  • Foreign Office
HeadquartersCavlan, Anastasia
Minister responsible

Republic of Abrus

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FA), commonly called the Foreign Office, is a department of Abrus's Government It is responsible for protecting and promoting Abranian interests worldwide.

The head of FA is the Minister for Foreign Affairs, commonly abbreviated to "Foreign Minister". This position is regarded as one of the four most prestigious appointments in the Cabinet together with the Prime Minister, these are the Great Offices of State.


- Safeguarding the Abrus’s national security by countering terrorism and weapons proliferation, and working to reduce conflict.

- Supporting Abranian nationals around the world through modern and efficient consular services.


FA was founded 25 January 2017 as a way to communicate and form international relations with other micronations or otherwise.


Minster Rank Portfolio
Sean Cavanaugh Temp. Supreme Governor of the Departments Overall Responsibilities