Ministry of Mass Media (Abrus)

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Ministry of Mass Media
Republic of Abrus Emblem 2018.png
Ministry Department overview
FormedJanuary 17th, 2016
JurisdictionRepublic of Abrus
HeadquartersAdelaide, Anastasia
Minister responsible

Republic of Abrus

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The Ministry of Mass Media (MOMM) is the Abranian government department responsible for keeping government operated websites up-to-date.

The MoMM states that its principal objectives are to keep the people updated on government changes, National occurrences, ETC.


- To keep Government operated websites up-to-date with current information

- To produce news articles for the people every week


MoMM was founded on January 17, 2016 so all the government operated websites could be updated by someone other than the President as they are usually too busy to change anything their selves. This was changed however since the current President wanted to keep everything up to date himself..