Politics of Abrus

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Kingdom of Abrus

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The Government of Abrus takes place in a framework by a Dominant-Party, Semi-Presidential Republic under a Dictatorship system where the President is the Head of state and Government while the Premier shares executive power with the President.

Executive Branch

The Executive power is granted to the President of Abrus, and the Premier of Abrus.

Legislative Branch

Legislative power is granted to the People's Assembly of Abrus which is a unicameral system. The constitution is referenced at all meetings to push participants to being constitutional and fair to all laws,acts,bills,etc. proposed during these meetings.

Judiciary Branch

Judicial power is granted to one supreme court that holds all legal cases. The supreme court consists of 2 associate Justices, and a chief Justice.


The constitution is the supreme law of the land and will be referenced during council meetings and during cases of the supreme court.

Political Parties

There is currently no parties in Abrus.

Party Name Party logo Headquarters Party colours Chair Members Party Status
National Independence Party TBA Cavlan   Gold Sean Cavanaugh 1 Active

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