Commonwealth of Abrus

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Commonwealth of Abrus
[[File:Flag THE kINGDOM OF ABRUS.png|125px|border|Flag of Commonwealth of Abrus]]
[[File:Coat of arms Royal coat of arms.png|85px|Coat of arms of Commonwealth of Abrus]]
Coat of arms
Motto: Für König und Vaterland!
English: For King and Country
Anthem: God Save the Queen
Largest cityBexley
Official languagesEnglish, German
GovernmentFederal parliamentary democracy, Constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
HM Queen Elizabeth II
(Only monarch)
First:Sean Cavanaugh
Last:Stacey Hitz
Sean Cavanaugh
(only governor general)
Establishment15 January 2016
• as of February 2016 census
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zoneAST, AAST
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Abrus
Kingdom of Abrus

Abrus, officially the Commonwealth of Abrus was a micronation located in the American state of North Carolina.


Abrus was founded on November 11, 2015 as a monarchy by King Sean I. On January 14 of the following year, King Sean I decided to self-proclaim the nation as a commonwealth realm and gave up the position of Monarch to Queen Elizabeth II as the unofficial-official Monarch of the nation. At this time, the the current flag and coat of arms of Abrus were created. The flag represents a variation of the Union Flag.

Government and Politics

Abrus Was a parliamentary democracy under a Constitutional monarchy. The Government was administered by the Monarch and the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister and his government had a term of 5 yeas and could be limitlessly re-elected. The government, similar to most nations, has three main branches: legislative, executive, and judiciary.

Ministerial departments

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for international relations with micronations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has plans to set up set up said relations in the future.
  • Ministry of Home Security The Ministry of Home Security is responsible for directing national civil defense, making sure the citizens of Abrus are safe.
  • Ministry of The Treasury The Ministry of The Treasury is responsible for developing and executing the Abranian government's public finance and economic policies.
  • Ministry of Public Safety The Ministry of Public Safety is responsible for the safety of the citizens by a local level. This position is usually county-run and involves police departments.
  • Ministry of Mass Media The Ministry of Mass Media is the government department responsible for Updating the news website of Abrus and any other online things.
  • Ministry of Transportation The Ministry of Transportation is a goverment department that at the moment is pretty useless, as Abrus has no Roads.

Government Officials

The government officials are members of parliament (MP).

Prime Minister

As stated in the Constitution of Abrus, a Prime Minister is elected to represent the head of the government/head executive of Abrus. The Prime Minister is also a member of parliament (MP).

Name Date Inaugurated End of Term
HRH Prince Sean Cavanaugh January 16, 2016 February 15, 2016
HM Stacey Hitz I February 15, 2016 March 5, 2016
HRH Prince Sean Cavanaugh March 9, 2016 September 12, 2016

Intermicronational Organizations

- Union Against Micronational War logo.png Union Against Micronational War

Law and Order

Abrus has two police departments at the moment which consist of no members so far.
1. Anastasia Police Dept.
2. Weiße Decke Police Dept.


Since the foundation of the nation, everyone has been welcome to become a citizen of Abrus. Though, this may change in the future if the Prime Minister is satisfied with the population total. At the moment, there is an application sheet on the government website to become a citizen. Anyone can become a citizen if they desire!

There is also an option on the Application form for people who want to become full citizens (residential). They can enter their property (house, owned land) and be considered a residential citizen. Residential citizens have the advantage of becoming an MP (member of Parliament) while Non-residential citizens can not do that.

Foreign Relations


Mutual Recognition


The commonwealth of Abrus is a militarily neutral state. This will remain so, until the government is ready to start their own Military. Until then, we shall always be Neutral and will not go into any state of war with any other entity.

Geography and Climate

The capital of Abrus (Cavlan, in Anastasia) is surrounded by the American state of North Carolina, with another territory (Weiße Decke) in Antarctica.

Territory in Antarctica

List of Counties/Territories

Name and Flag Area (est.) Citizens Location Capital
Westbarrow.png Anastasia .44 Acres 9 residential citizens, 3 non-residential citizens. North Carolina, U.S.A. Cavlan
Weise Decke.png Weiße Decke 300,000 sq. mi. 0 citizens. Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. Bexley



The Commonwealth of Abrus has a News Site which is run and maintained by the Ministry of Mass Media. Everything Newsworthy Ends up on the site.
Link: Abrus News

National Holidays

Name Date Notes
New Year's Day January 1 On this day, the Prime Minister gives a speech on the official YouTube channel of the nation.
Valentine's Day February 14
Mother's Day March 6
St. Patrick's Day March 17
Easter Sunday March 27
Easter Monday March 28
Father's Day June 19
Halloween October 31
Guy Fawkes Day November 5 On this day, a bonfire is set in the national yard.
Founders Day November 11 On this day, the Prime Minister gives a speech on the official YouTube channel of the nation.
Thanksgiving November 24 On this day, the Prime Minister gives a speech on the official YouTube channel of the nation.
Constitution Day December 22
Christmas Eve December 24
Christmas Day December 25 On this day, the Prime Minister gives a speech on the official Youtube channel of the nation
Boxing Day December 26
New Year's Eve December 31