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Capital of CountyCavlan
Founded11 November 2015
Founded bySean E Cavanaugh
 19166.6 Sqft
 (February 2017)
 • Total17
Time zoneAbranian Standard Time
(40 Minutes Ahead of EST)

Anastasia is an Abranian county located in North America. It is the first county to be founded in the micronation and since that day has been the centre of Government. Anastasia has 27 Residents as of February 2017.

Geography and Climate

Anastasia is located in North America. The first territory was claimed on 11/11/2015. The Climate is a warm oceanic climate with the warmest month around 62 °F. The county also consists of 3 cities with Raintree being the biggest!


Name Type Citizens Potential Pop. Size (Sqft) Mayor
Cavlan City 2 Citizens 6 7,841 sqft Empty Position
Adelaide City 4 Citzens 6 11,325.6 sqft Empty Position
Raintree City 0 Around 16 ~246 sqft Empty Position


Anastasia was founded as "The County of Westbarrow" under the reign of the Former King of Abrus. The county started out as a bedroom and later worked its way into different territories around the United States State of North Carolina. The County changed its name in February 2016, because the Name "Westbarrow" Sounded way too similar to "Westboro" as in, The Westboro Baptist Church, by the Queen of Abrus during the 2nd Kingdom of Abrus

Parliamentary Representation

The county is represented by the 5 democratically elected Senators in the Parliament of Abrus. This county is also represented by 2 people in the House of Commons.