Ministry of HM Treasury (Abrus)

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Ministry of HM Treasury
New British Emblem.png
Ministry Department overview
FormedJanuary 2017
JurisdictionKingdom of New Britain
HeadquartersCavlan, Anastasia
Minister responsible
  • Sean I (acting) Supreme Governor of the Departments, Secretary of HM Treasury

Kingdom of Abrus

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The Ministry of HM Treasury (MoT) is the New British government department responsible for implementing the defense policy set by the Prime Minister of the Kingdom's Government, and is the parent ministry of the Ministry of Financial Services.

The MoT states that its principal objectives are to maintain HM's treasury New Britain and its interests.


- To maintain the treasury of New Britain


MoT was founded January 2017 as a way to keep the nation's treasury safe.


Minster Administration Term Start/End
Sean I Himself January 2017