Armed Forces of Abrus

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Abranian Royal Forces
Active6 March 2016 – present
Commander-in-ChiefSean Cavanaugh
Minister of DefenseSean Cavanaugh
General of the ArmyVacant

The Kingdom of Abrus is currently a neutral country. It will not declare or fight wars unless it is for defense protocols (which have to be called by the Minister of Defense.)


As stated in the constitution, the Monarch (Currently Sean Cavanaugh) is the Commander-in-chief to the Armed Forces of Abrus. In the event that defense is number 1 priority, the minister responsible of Defense needs to call for an attack on the invading forces. Then the Commander-in-chief will determine whether or not it is for a genuine cause.


As stated before, Abrus is a neutral country. This will be the case until the Armed Forces reaches its minimum number of 20 Members (2 out of 20 so far). A parliamentary meeting shall occur when the minimum number is reached and then the article in which discusses the topic in the constitution will be written just for the occasion. In the event of an invasion/capture on Abrus by a foreign force, government will cease and move to America to discuss the solution.