Karnia-Ruthenia–Vishwamitra relations

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Karnia-Ruthenia–Vishwamitra relations


State of Vishwamitra
Current leaders
Oscar I
Dhrubajyoti Roy
Diplomatic Mission
Imperial Karno-Ruthenian Embassy in Vishwamitra Royal Vishwamitran Embassy in Karnia-Ruthenia
Caio, Duke of Taxus
Princess Sarala

The Karnia-Ruthenia–Vishwamitra relations (Hindi: करनिया-रूथेनिया–विश्वामित्र संबंध, Portuguese: Relações Karnia-Rutênia–Vishwamitra) refer to the bilateral relations between the Karno-Ruthenian Empire and the State of Vishwamitra. The official bilateral and diplomatic relations between Karnia-Ruthenia and Vishwamitra were opened on 20 July 2020 following the signing of a treaty of mutual recognition. The treaty established the beginning of the special and prosperous relations between the two nations. Karnia-Ruthenia became the first nation from the Brazilian sector to have established formal bilateral relations with Vishwamitra. Regular communication between the monarchs of the two nations have helped in strengthening of the relations between the nations and establish a close cooperation between them.


Karno-Ruthenian Empire State of Vishwamitra
Coat of Arms KarniaRutheniaCoA.png Coat of arms of Vishwamitra (2021).svg
Flag Flag of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire.svg Flag of Vishwamitra.svg
Continent America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Antarctica Asia
Capital and largest city Persenburg Rajagriha
Government Constitutional monarchy Federal elective semi-constitutional monarchy
First Head of State King Oscar I President Dhrubajyoti Roy
Current Head of State Emperor-King Oscar I Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy
First Head of Government Chancellor Guilherme of Libertia Prime Minister Arnisha Phatowali
Current Head of Government Imperial Chancellor Thomas Karácsony-Maryen Prime Minister Farhaz Hazarika
Official languages Portuguese, English English, Hindi

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