Jake Sykes

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Grand Duke
Sir Jake Sykes
Grand Duke of Tarvitian Sucon
Tarvitian Sucon
Assumed Office 20/05/2019
Superior Rex Lachlan I
Minister of Values
Kingdom of Tarvit
Assumed Office 02/04/2019
Superior Lord Mayor Keenan Carr
Personal Information
Citizenship  Kingdom of Tarvit
 Tarvitian Sucon
Nationality British
Tarvitian Army Marshal
Assumed Rank 19/05/2019
Superior Sir Heath Markus
Service 1 Tarvitian Cyber Force Ensign.png Tarvitian Cyber Service
Serving 02/04/2019–present
Rank Cyber Officer
Unit 4 Squadron Royal Corps of Values
Service 2 Tarvitian Army.png Tarvitian Army
Service 19/05/2019–present
Rank Marshal
Units 17 Regiment Royal Corps of Observation
8th Biological Warfare and Mele Regiment
Battles/Wars Afrax Value Intervention (2019)
Civil Order of Tarvit
Military Afrax Values Victory Medal

H.R.H Sir Jake Sykes KTK. is the Grand Duke of the Yeoman Territory of Tarvitian Sucon and the Minister of Values for the Kingdom of Tarvit, appointed Minister of Values on the 19th of February 2019. He shares a warm friendship with L.M. Sir Heath Markus, the former Rex of the Kingdom and current Lord Mayor, after the events of the Afrax Value Intervention in which Sykes supported the efforts of the Lord Mayor and was instrumental to the Values Victory that resulted.