Lachlan MacGillvary

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Rex. Lachlan MacGillvary
Rex of the
Kingdom of Tarvit
Assumed Office 28/03/2019
Predecessor Keenan Carr I
Personal Information
Born 13 July 2002
Armagh, Northern Ireland
Citizenship  Kingdom of Tarvit
Nationality British
Rex. of the
Kingdom of Tarvit
Assumed 19/03/2019
Answers to  Kingdom of Tarvit
Minister of Military
Principality of Duke
Assumed 22/03/2019
Superior Tom Kap
Answers to  Principality of Duke
Minister of Information
Kingdom of Sunnit
Assumed 22/03/2019
Answers to  Kingdom of Sunnit
Service  Kingdom of Tarvit
Serving 2019 - Present
Rank Commander in Chief
Service  Principality of Duke
Branch DNSA
Serving 22/03/2019–present
Rank Operator
Service DMS of Dughigh
Branch Special Forces
Serving 27/03/2019–Present
Rank Lieutenant General

Commander in Chief of the Tarvitian Armed Forces H.M. Rex. Lachlan I is the second reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Tarvit. Despite having only been a member of the micronational community since March 11, 2019, he has immediately become involved in the governments of multiple micronations.

Micronational Offices

Rex of the Kingdom of Tarvit

Country:  Kingdom of Tarvit

H.M. Lachlan I became the Rex of the Kingdom of Tarvit on the 18th of March 2019 upon the abdication of Keenan Carr I (now Lord Mayor of Tyatsy').

Minister of Military

Country:  Principality of Duke

On the 22nd of March 2019, Tom Kap granted Lachlan MacGillvary the office of the Minister of Military of the Principality of Duke.