Tarvitian Sucon

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Tarvitian Sucon
Tarvitian Sucon Flag
Motto: "Value the Right"
Anthem: "Die stem van Tarvit”
Cupar, Scotland
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Tarvitian Sucaflese
• Rex
Lachlan MacGillvary
• Grand Duke
Jake Sykes
Establishment20th May 2019
• (as of March 2019) census
CurrencyGreat British Pound
Time zoneGMT/BST

Tarvitian Sucon, officially the Grand Duchy of Tarvitian Sucon, is a dependency of the Kingdom of Tarvit created by ACM Heath Markus (Former Rex of Tarvit) and Grand Duke Sir Jake Sykes, KTK. as a response to the gradual takeover of Sucon by the Republic Of Lurnex despite it's traditional location as the Grand Duke's home. While not a dominion of Tarvit like other states that come under the Yeoman Territories, Tarvitian Sucon is administrated as a Yeoman Territory with it's head of state as Rex. Lachlan I being a figurehead while the Grand Duke holds power in a mutual agreement between the Former and Current Rexes of Tarvit.


Pre Tarvit (2018)

First taking form as Sucon, established by Alexander Smith and Jake Sykes, the independent state of Sucon was a loosely formed nation surrounded by ambiguity and plagued with relations setbacks with the Kingdom of Neuk and South Mcarthia others due to lack of communications as Neuk became occupied in the NEFTO South Mcarthian Intervention, leaving Sucon to fizzle out as a political entity as South Mcarthia collapsed.

After the South Mcarthian collapse, Sucon was a haven for the MPLA (a South Mcarthian Rebel Organisation) while Sykes was kept in the dark about the nature of the conflicts surrounding Sucon.

Kopian Period (2019)

Upon the creation of the Kingdom of Tarvit and the Republic Of Lurnex, Sucon found itself in the centre of a mess of complex relations once again. As Sucon reformed, it was overshadowed by the Datar La Kopian Intervention as yet another MPLA venture went wrong. This was during the MPLA's El-Tegani period of rule that affected many Scottish Micronations and is regarded as a controversial time period for the Republic of Lurnex and Kingdom of Tarvit. Datar La Kopia's campaign against the MicroWiki admins and their respective micronations cast a shadow over Alexander Smith for his involvement which he later emerged from as the leader of Lurnex upon the Kopian collapse leading to a period of stability in which it seemed Sucon could flourish.

Puppeting Period

As it was starting to seem that Sucon would become a player in the alliance between the Kingdom of Tarvit, the Republic Of Lurnex and the newly formed Afrax Colonial Empire, Afrax became yet another controversial El-Tegani led MPLA haven. While it was unusually stable for a nation linked to El-Tegani and the MPLA, the stability was short lived - as predicted by both Rexes of Tarvit during their rules of the Kingdom.

This period was during the transition of leadership in Tarvit of L.M. Heath Markus and Rex Lachlan I. Rex Lachlan had a low view of Afrax having not been involved in the personal relationships as L.M. Markus had. As Lurnex and Afrax became engaged in conflict, Lurnex made the decision to puppet the government of Sucon due to the nature of the conflict which led to the gradual phase out of Sykes' involvement in the nation.

Afrax Collapse and Sykes Era

As El-Tegani's stint of stable reasoned leadership started to falter, it's widely considered that remarks made towards L.M. Keenan Carr triggered the sequence of events that led to the demise of Afrax through the Tarvitian Afrax Value Intervention that showed L.M. Heath Markus' control over Tarvit hadn't dwindled after his abdication.

During the Afrax Values Intervention, Sykes and L.M. Markus became acquainted with each other through the personal circumstances of the conflict. It was during this time that L.M. Markus learned of Sykes' involvement in Sucon and the Lurnex puppeting of the nation.