Intermicronational Defense Treaty

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Intermicronational Defense Treaty
Flag of the I.D.T
FormationJuly 17, 2019
TypeMicronational Treaty Pact
PurposeProtection of Micronations from wars, conflicts and attacks.
Iacov Moldoveanu, James Reignblut I

The Intermicronational Defense Treaty is a micronational pact founded on July 17, 2019 by Iacov Moldoveanu, which currently has 20 members. The main goal of the pact is to protect micronations from war, conflict or attack.

Warfare and History of Warfare

On 1-4-2021 at 1:15 AM after the LENS invaded the MA and attempted a raid and staged a coup in Runnymede taking over their server. The MA in most part declared war upon LENS along with the Ruskev Pact, Christadonia/U.C.C.R, Jewel Republic, and Runnymede. The I.D.T was brought into the conflict on 1-5-2021 at 5:11 PM CT.


The I.D.T was founded July 17, 2019 as the United Micronations on its one year anniversary on July 17, 2020 it was converted into the Intermicronational Defense Treaty, the treaty acts as a sort of NATO for micronations. The I.D.T has had three Prime Ministers, The First Prime minister was Hessian Empire and he lead the at the time United Micronations until his resignation about a month later due to disagreements within the organization. The Second Prime Minister was zxsrn, there is little to no information available on him except that he was a part of the Constitutional Convention (H.U.C). During his administration the I.D.T went into a major bout of dormancy, the organization began to fall apart and emergency powers where granted to the organizations founders, Grey Coast and U.C.C.R. Grey Coast was given the title of Conductor of the I.D.T which he still holds till this day and acts as an overseer to the organization, whilst the U.C.C.R was given the title of Consul which was a temporary title just above Prime Minister in Ranking and was supposed to expire as a position at the end of zxsrn's term, however it has lasted as a title even into the third Prime Minister's term. the title of Consul was put into dormancy and retired as a position until it is needed again on 4-22-2021 at approxomately 2:43 PM. The third Prime Minister of the I.D.T is DRotUCE, so far DRotUCE has been a very productive and efficent Prime Minister.

Member States

There are 28 Members in the I.D.T however alot do not have MicroWiki pages or are too new to have them, However here are some.

Flag State
Jewel Republic
Zăbrăuția Federation


Diplomatic Support

Flag State


Infantry Units

Naval Units