Iacov Moldoveanu

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Iacov Iancu Moldoveanu
Iacov Iancu Moldoveanu's Official Portriat.jpg
1st Căpitan of Christadonia and Premier of the U.C.C.R
Assumed office
Office Established 2015
Personal details
Born24 September 2002 (2002-09-24) (age 19)
Bucharest, Romania w:Romania
CitizenshipRomanian, German (Dual Citizenship), Christadonian (Dual Citizenship), American, Russian (Dual Citizenship)

Iacov Iancu Moldoveanu (born 24 September 2002) to a German Mother and Russian Father both with some Romanian heritage, in Bucharest Romania. He is the founder and leader of the Christadonian C.F.C.R which is the federation nation of the nation of the U.C.C.R which he also founded, and is as well founder of the ideology of Moldoveanism. Moldoveanu has ruled during both Communism, Fascism, and Monarchy making him an experienced leader in the area of ideological space. Moldoveanu is a Christian extremist with the goal of Christianizing the world. Christadonia under Moldoveanu has thrived since its creation and has become a military and economic power house. With the power gained from the leadership of Moldoveanu, Christadonia created the I.T.D or Intermicronational Treaty of Defense. Recent events: On 10-28-20 Moldoveanu Created the Ruskev Pact.


Order of the 1st Great Ideological War

Order of the Baptist Church of the U.C.C.R Order of the Red Cross of Christian Communism

Order of the Red Cross of Christian Communism