House of Von Habsburg-Donau-Flandern-Lothringen

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House of Von Habsburg-Donau-Flandern-Lothringen
Princes Coat.png
CountryDanube, New Flanders, United Kingdoms of The Danube and New Flanders and Her Commonwealth
Parent houseVon Habsburg-Lothringen (female line)
TitlesKing of The Danube, King of New Flanders, Protector of Strasbourg, Duke of Kyntyre
FounderAlexander Von Habsburg-Donau-Flandern-Lothringen
Current headAlexander Von Habsburg-Donau-Flandern-Lothringen
FoundingNovemebr 28 2017
EthnicityAustrian ,Hungarian, French , Arabic

The Von Habsburg-Donau-Flandern-Lothringen, or House of Donau is one of the most promonate royal houses of micronationalism. The throne of the Danube is occupied by the family since 2016. The house also produced the king of the New Flanders. The house is also a cadet branch of the House of Von Habpsbirg-Arnoldville.

The house is loosely tied to the House of Götzö-Thomaz-Rocha seeing as both are descended the from the house of Habsburg.