Danubine Military Coup

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Danubine Coup Attempt
DateJanuary 12nd - January 29th
Result Drafting of Union Constution, Union Upheald, Governemnt Kept
FLAG.png United Kingdoms of The Danube and New Flanders and Her Commonwealth War Flag.png Danubine Military
-Flag of the United States (reversed).pngAmerican Volunteers
Commanders and leaders
John Otto
Alexander I
Mathew Smith
15 7


The military felt that A) Democracy had failed the nation and B) The Union was unfair. Due to their displeasure, they felt that it was their right to seize The Danube and enforce their demands, in essence, a military coup. Thankfully, Gen. Smith and Alexander have reached an agreement. A light, but still united central government is currently being adopted. The perpetrators have been given amnesty with stipulations, If any disloyalty is shown in the future they will be barred from public office and all right given in the bill of rights shall be taken away and immediately sent to jail. Order has been restored and all is well in the government.