Kingdom of New Flanders

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Kingdom of New Flanders
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For The King
This Land Is Mine [1]
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Capital cityVictoria
Largest cityVictoria
Official language(s)Danubine
Official religion(s)Roman Catholicism
Short nameNew Flanders
GovernmentIn personal union with the Danube
Area claimed3.1443941 MI²
CurrencyLoco Pace
National sportN/A
National animalDuck
Patron saintSt. Francis de Sales
This nation is a component of United Kingdoms of The Danube and New Flanders and Her Commonwealth


The name New Flanders comes from the Belgian province of Flanders. The territory was formerly ruled by the Habsburg empire so King Alexander decided to recreate the nation in the new world.


New Flanders, previously known as the Archduchy of New Flanders, was a Tributary state of the Shorewell. It is a former state of Desi Empire and unincorporated territory of Nedland, and is administered by Alexander von Hapsburg. The territory was at one time disputed between Shorewell and Nedland, due to confusion in the diplomatic discussion.

Government and politics

Presidential Power

One President shall be elected via bound delegates through local election. The President shall work with the parliament to propose and ratify laws. The President can veto laws and bills, appoint his/her own cabinet, nullify treaties with consent of the Prime Minister, and mobilize the military. The President serves a term of 1 year and can serve an infinite number of terms.

Parliamentary Power The parliament shall be elected via local election. The parliament shall draft laws. Parliament can override Presidential vetoes, declare war with consent of The King. An MP serves a term of 1 year and can serve an infinite number of terms. Parliament may amend the constitution with a ⅔ majority and consent of The King. The Leader of the majority party is also the Governor of Commonwealths

Prime Ministry power The prime minister will be appointed by The King from the ruling party and ratified by parliament. The prime minister will act as a delegate in elections and observe parliament. The Prime Minister can approve laws, sign official documents and treaties, and advise the King.

Royal Power There will be one King from the line of Habsburg or designated by the previous King. In times of crisis, all power shall revert the King six months under dictaturae ad tempus. If The King does not uphold The Articles of Freedom, parliament can usurp power for six months.

Judiciary Power The Judicial branch's only job is to punish criminals or free those wrongly convicted. It is the only branch not usurped during times of dictaturae ad tempus. They may overturn unconstitutional laws, acts, etc. The Judiciary branch will be made up of five judges appointed by The President and ratified by parliament.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of New Flanders is in union with the Kingdom of The Danube so it holds no foreign policy of its own for more information see [2] the Union's page.


The Kingdom of New Flanders holds a very small military that is mainly used as a police. It consists of 7 reserves not currently in use, it was last used in the New Flanders Crisis. It also holds one small naval ship called HMS Pinafore which is a small kayak again only used in the New Flanders Crisis.

Geography and climate

New Flanders experiences very temperate weather due to the fact it sits on a lake. During the summer the lake resides showing a green field quite similar to Ireland. Killeshandra Lane runs through the southern half of the nation making foot traffic very common through the nation, a very common stop is in Victoria (formerly Kaiser-Bilalstadt).


Due to the extremely low tax rate in the nation, 9.5%. The nation is a very popular spot for local youtube channels to film at, especially in Flanders City.